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  1. September Flowers Asters 11th Sep 2020
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  2. August Flowers: Gladiolus 31st Aug 2020
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  3. July Flowers Delphiniums 14th Jul 2020
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September Flowers Asters

Friday, 11th Sep 2020

August Flowers: Gladiolus

Monday, 31st Aug 2020

The flower associated with the summer month of August is the majestic gladiolus. Presenting on a tall spike of a stem, this flower can grow up to 4ft tall. The beautiful shades of pastel pinks, blues and purples, and vibrant shades of orange and red make the gladiolus a striking feature in any garden, especially when it was cut and placed in vases. Discover the meaning behind the August flower and how best to use the bloom in flower bouquets by just reading the full article.

July Flowers Delphiniums

Tuesday, 14th Jul 2020

Each month of the year has its very own flower, some even have more than one. Also known as the larkspur, the delphinium is the birth flower of July. Knowing the flower of July makes gift-giving even more thoughtful as you can now purchase beautiful delphinium flower bouquets for friends and family with birthdays during this glorious summer month. Discover the different meanings of delphinium and how best to gift them to those you love.

Superstitions about Wedding Dates and Wedding Flowers

Friday, 7th Aug 2020

Modern weddings are primarily a wonderful celebration for the happy couple and their union, but once upon a time, there many more things to consider other than the venue, food and wedding dress. For example, getting married on Friday 13th was unheard of and the happy couple most certainly avoided seeing each other before the ceremony on the day of the wedding.

Innovative Ways to Recycle your Old Flower Bouquets

Friday, 31st Jul 2020

There is no disputing that flower bouquets make for a wonderful gift for loved ones, and yourself, of course. Yet, even the best florist can’t make your fresh flowers live forever, so what do you do once they are past their best.

How to Throw the Prettiest Bridal Shower in Summer

Friday, 17th Jul 2020

Discover how to create a pretty summer pre-wedding celebration for you and your loved ones to enjoy. If you are a friend looking for some ideas to treat your bestie to the ultimate bridal shower, use our tips to surprise her with the prettiest bridal shower possible, no matter what your budget.

The Symbolism of Gifting Flowers in Every Culture

Friday, 19th Jun 2020

Flowers are enjoyed the world over, but what may mean a joyful gift in one country, could well turn out to be an unwelcome present in another. Discover the meaning behind the flower bouquets you choose and how cultures use flower arrangements to say different things to those they love.

June Flower: Rose

Friday, 5th Jun 2020

Roses are one of the most popular flowers, if not the favourite flower of people around the world. Use our handy guide to select which colour rose is best for specific people. Read on to discover some fun facts about June’s flower and the meanings behind this fragrant bloom.

Inexpensive Ways to Freshen up Your Home on a Budget

Friday, 15th May 2020

Are you keen to give your home a whole new look but simply don’t have the budget? Rather than resign yourself to sticking to the same old décor, take a look at our handy hints. Discover some fantastic ways to freshen up your home without having to spend a fortune.

May Flower Lily

Friday, 8th May 2020

The month of May has truly embraced the season of spring and there are plenty of flowers in full bloom. However, there is one very special flower attributed to the month of May – lily of the valley.

Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Special Occasion While Keeping Your Social Distance

Thursday, 30th Apr 2020

The world is a very strange place at the moment, and the things we took for granted are fast becoming distant memories. Adhering to social distancing rules is extremely important to ensure we stay safe and healthy. Although we are all aware of the importance of social distancing, it has put a dampener on the way we celebrate the important events in our lives.

What Flower Represents St George's Day?

Wednesday, 22nd Apr 2020

On 23rd April each year, English people fly their flags proudly on their patron saint’s day. St. George is an important saint in other cultures too. If you want to celebrate St. George’s Day with flowers and discover how other countries celebrate the day, take a look at this fun guide to floral selection.

Is It Safe to Receive Flowers during Coronavirus Pandemic

Thursday, 16th Apr 2020

With the impact of Covid-19 being felt globally, sending flowers is now something that has to be monitored carefully and done only in strict accordance with the World Health Organisation.

The Meanings of Easter Flowers

Tuesday, 7th Apr 2020

Easter is a wonderful time to gift those you love with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Celebrated in spring in the UK, Easter is a Christian feast that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

April Flower: Daisy

Thursday, 2nd Apr 2020

Each month of the year is assigned a different flower, and the flower of April is the daisy. Should a loved one celebrate a birthday in April, or you and your partner celebrate an anniversary during this month, consider gifting a beautiful bouquet of daisies.

March Flower: Daffodil

Tuesday, 24th Mar 2020

Each month of the year has been attributed at least one flower, and March’s flower is the delightful daffodil. Discover what makes the humble daffodil a favourite flower for many, and how it has become the symbol of spring.

Best Flowers to Send on Mother’s Day

Thursday, 19th Mar 2020

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show the mother figures in your life just how much they are appreciated. It isn’t only your own mother that will require a thoughtful gift of flowers, but you will want to buy flower bouquets for your mother-in-law, wife, stepmother, and grandmother. Should you be uncertain about the best flowers on Mother’s Day, follow our handy guide and make this the best one yet!

Flowers to Give on St. Patrick’s Day

Friday, 13th Mar 2020

If you are Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal, and even if you aren’t, you will certainly be celebrating this globally enjoyed day. Should you want to do more than visit the nearest pub during the Irish festival, sending flower bouquets is a fantastic way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Discover which flowers are best to give to friends and family on and learn some facts about this world-famous feast day.

The Best Flowers to Send on International Women's Day

Wednesday, 4th Mar 2020

International Women’s Day is celebrated all across the World and is an acknowledgement of the achievements of women. Many use this day to celebrate the women they know and love. A simple, yet significant way to do this is to have flowers delivered to female friends and relatives on International Women’s Day.

Top Ideas for Baby Shower Flower Decorations

Tuesday, 25th Feb 2020

Enjoy our fantastic ideas for baby shower flower decorations and delight guests with a beautifully decorated baby shower venue. If you have taken it upon yourself to host a baby shower, you may be wondering what is expected at the event, and how best to decorate the venue.

Top 5 of Non-toxic, Pet-Friendly Flowers

Tuesday, 18th Feb 2020

Did you know that the petals, leaves and pollen of some flowers are toxic to pets? Before you order flower bouquet for your pet-loving friend or partner, you need to know that when you have flowers delivered, their pets will be safe. Read on to discover five non-toxic pet-friendly flowers that will not only delight your loved ones but will keep their little furry friends happy too.

Husband’s Guide to Picking the Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Thursday, 13th Feb 2020

Welcome to the husband’s guide to picking the best flowers for Valentine’s Day. Discover which flower arrangements are the most romantic and how a simple flower delivery can bring untold joy to the love of your life.

February Flower: The Violet

Monday, 3rd Feb 2020

Did you know that each month of the year has its very own flower? Discover fascinating facts about February’s flower, the violet, and learn why this is the perfect flower to give to a loved one for their February birthday or Valentine’s Day.

Top 5 Get Well Flowers to Get Someone Back on Their Feet

Monday, 27th Jan 2020

Discover the top 5 get well flowers to send someone to help them get back on their feet and cheer up someone you care about with a wonderful flower bouquet. Beautiful flower delivery can help a patient in many different ways, from letting them know that somebody is thinking of them, to giving them a boost when they are feeling down.

Picking Your New Baby Flower Bouquet

Monday, 20th Jan 2020

The birth of a child is such a wonderful event it deserves to celebrate with the best flower arrangements available. Pick up some great tips about choosing new baby flower bouquets that your friends and family will love.

Best Flowers for Different Occasions

Wednesday, 15th Jan 2020

With so many celebrations and events occurring each year, it can be difficult to come up with unique gift ideas. Discover the best flowers for different occasions and delight friends and family with the perfect choice of flower arrangements.

January Flower: Carnation – Meaning, Symbolism and Gifting

Tuesday, 7th Jan 2020

If your florist isn’t able to shed light on why the carnation is a popular flower delivery during January, we can. Discover how the pretty carnation has earned its place as the flower of January and learn when you should give carnations as a gift.

Wedding Flower Trends For 2020

Thursday, 2nd Jan 2020

If you are planning a fabulous 2020 wedding, these wedding flower trends are a must. Discover which flower arrangements will be seen this year, and things you need to ask your florist if you want to be ahead of the rest when it comes to beautiful wedding flowers.

Best Flower Decoration Ideas for New Year’s Eve

Thursday, 19th Dec 2019

Welcoming the New Year with family and friends is always a joyous occasion, and you will want the venue to look just right. Whether you are holding the party in your own home, or at a hired venue, discover the best flower decoration ideas for New Year’s Eve and make your bash the one to remember.

Great Hanukkah Flower Gift Ideas

Wednesday, 11th Dec 2019

The Jewish festival of lights is a great time to show your friends and family how much you love them. This festival will see families all over the world coming together to eat, drink, dance and sing during eight days of Hanukkah celebrations. Although it is not...

Flowers You Can Give Your Wife on Her Birthday

Tuesday, 3rd Dec 2019

Choosing the perfect present for your wife can sometimes be tricky. However, the golden rule of buying a present should always be adhered to - give a gift that shows you care. One of the cheapest yet beautiful gifts is a flower bouquet. Flowers that hold personal meaning can be a cherished memory. Discover which flowers are best to buy, and bring joy to the woman you love on her birthday.

The Most Stunning Flowers for your Winter Wedding

Monday, 25th Nov 2019

If you are planning a winter wedding, and need some advice about the best flowers for the occasion, read on. Organising a wedding is a mammoth task, and the flower decoration is one of the most important aspects of the Big Day.

The Secrets of the National Flowers of the UK

Friday, 22nd Nov 2019

Many countries have chosen a flower to represent their nation and use it as a symbol of a culture, a religion or even in remembrance of a historic event. The UK has embraced floral symbolism and England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each boast their national flower. Discover the flowers that each location has taken as its own, and learn why these particular flowers have been chosen to represent these regions.

How to Pick Colours like a Professional Florist

Tuesday, 12th Nov 2019

Even if you think that you know precisely what you are doing, when it comes to picking the right flower arrangements for your wedding, a surprise birthday bash or even a dinner party in your home, think again, because even the most experienced bouquet buyer can get it wrong sometimes.

Popular Holidays for Flower-Giving in the UK

Wednesday, 6th Nov 2019

Giving flowers as a gift is a wonderful idea but did you know that there are certain holidays in the UK where flowers should most certainly be given as gifts? Discover which holidays call for a floral gift and get some great ideas about what kind of flowers to gift on these particular days.

Extraordinary Halloween Floral Decoration Ideas

Friday, 25th Oct 2019

Almost everyone feels compelled to get creative on Halloween, be it making the spookiest or most hilarious costumes and party décor or just filling their home with all things frightening ready for those tricks or treats.

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