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Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Special Occasion While Keeping Your Social Distance
Thursday, 30th Apr 2020

How People are Celebrating Birthdays while Keeping a Distance

Flower DeliveryThe world is a very strange place at the moment, and the things we took for granted are fast becoming distant memories. Adhering to social distancing rules is extremely important to ensure we stay safe and healthy. Although we are all aware of the importance of social distancing, it has put a dampener on the way we celebrate the important events in our lives. Weddings have been postponed, parties cancelled and birthdays risk becoming very gloomy affairs. However, we have some ideas that can bring back to the joy to these occasions. If you need some inspiration about how you can still celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and other events, take a look at our creative ideas. We can help you bring some much-needed joy to friends, family and work colleagues who you can no longer see currently. Read on and be inspired!

You Can Still Show You Care

If you had been planning to go and visit family or friends to celebrate a special occasion, the good news is that you can still show them you care. Someone having a birthday while in isolation, and couples that have had to cancel their wedding will perhaps be especially upset by current events. Online florists are still delivering flower arrangements while following social distancing guidelines. You can arrange flower bouquets to be sent to those you love in time for their special occasion and a delivery operative will leave them on their doorstep after either calling them or knocking on their door. Having flowers delivered to a person who is isolating is an especially thoughtful gift and will bring great happiness. Couples who have had to cancel their weddings will also be glum, but let them know you understand that they will be sad and send flowers online.

Celebrate Your Special Occasions

If you are the one missing out on a special day, treat yourself to a fun-filled day. Plan ahead by organising a group facetime session via an appropriate app. Online parties are on-trend during these uncertain times, and with so many apps providing virtual games along with their communication applications, they offer so much fun! Ensure you have ordered plenty of snacks and drinks, and get your friends to do the same. Ask everyone to get dressed up as if they were attending a party and get in the party mood by decorating your home for your celebrations. You may feel a bit silly buying gifts for yourself, but if you don’t want to be disappointed on your birthday, make sure you wake up to at least one gift by ordering something you have always wanted via an online service. You could even buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of your favourite blooms and arrange for them to be delivered on the morning of your birthday.

Organise a Drive-by Cheer

Flower Bouquets

Social distancing means staying at least 2 metres away from people and not going into other people’s homes. Therefore, you may be finding it very difficult to come up with ways you can see your loved ones, especially on a birthday or anniversary. When it is a child’s birthday, they may be finding it especially difficult during these times. Cheer them up by ringing around local parents to organise a caravan of cars to drive past the child’s house with banners and even singing happy birthday. Their friends can even drop off gifts and cards outside the garden or property so the child doesn’t miss out on all the elements of a special day. To avoid any concerns about contaminated presents, make sure anything dropped off is properly cleaned down before they enter the house and wash your hands after cleaning off the packages and cards.