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June Flower: Rose
Friday, 5th Jun 2020

Meanings Behind the Fragrant Roses

Roses Flowers Delivered

Each month of the year has its very own flower, sometimes even two. June’s flower is the rose. Roses are one of the most popular flowers, if not the favourite flower of people around the world. As June’s flower, consider sending roses to friends and family that have birthdays this month. Use our handy guide to select which colour rose is best for specific people. Read on to discover some fun facts about June’s flower and the meanings behind this fragrant bloom.

Symbolism of the Rose

Roses are viewed by many as the most romantic flower of all. Associated with passionate love, the meaning of the rose is rooted in Ancient Greek and Roman mythology. These civilisations believed the rose to be closely associated with Venus and Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Red rose flower bouquets specifically mean true love and is given between lovers. However, each colour represents something different, with some roses being less romantic than you may think. Yet, as a gift, roses are perfect for those on a budget as contrary to belief, these are relatively cheap flowers.

White Roses

This hue is said to portray innocence, humility, and everlasting love. They can also symbolise new beginnings, which, along with all the other meanings, make them a popular flower for weddings. The white rose is an extremely elegant flower and although perhaps not as romantic as a red rose, still makes for a beautiful gift. The traditional first wedding anniversary gift is paper and white rose could be used to emphasise this on your first wedding anniversary.

Flower Shop in LondonYellow Rose Flower Arrangements

When you want to send a gift that avoids any romantic connotations, the yellow rose could be a perfect choice. Yellow roses are believed to symbolise friendship and so should be avoided when gifting a romantic partner with flowers. The sunshine shade of this rose conveys joy and happiness making for a cheerful bouquet. Gift these to friends who need a pick-me-up or simply to show a loved one that you’re thinking of them.

Orange Roses

You may not have even considered sending orange roses but may change your mind once you learn their meaning. Orange roses reflect enthusiasm and desire and so could be considered as a gift at the early stages of a relationship.

Purple Roses

There are assorted shades of purple rose and each makes a statement when included in a bouquet. You may need to visit an online florist to source purple roses. Purple roses are believed to symbolise love at first sight and enchantment. If you want your other half to know that you loved them the moment you first saw them, send a stunning bouquet of purple roses.

Pink Roses

These roses are often associated with  and once you learn the meaning behind them it is easy to see why. Pink roses reflect gratitude, admiration, and appreciation – all the elements you want to convey on Mother’s Day. These meanings make pink roses the ideal way to say “Thank you” or to show friends and family how much you appreciate them.

Roses Flowers DeliveredRed Roses

Widely known to be an overt declaration of love, red roses symbolise passionate love. Send red roses to the one you love on their birthday to show just how much you adore them. Should you be marrying in June, choose red roses if you are going for a traditional theme. You don’t need to be in a relationship to send red roses, and if you want to show your true feelings for someone, red roses are the way to go.