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Inexpensive Ways to Freshen up Your Home on a Budget
Friday, 15th May 2020

How Can I Freshen My Home on a Budget?

Flower Delivery in LondonAre you keen to give your home a whole new look but simply don’t have the budget? Rather than resign yourself to sticking to the same old décor, take a look at our handy hints. Discover some fantastic ways to freshen up your home without having to spend a fortune.

What to Do When Your Sofa Has Seen Better Days

Ideally, when your sofa is suffering some from wear and tear you would replace it. However, if you don’t have the budget for this, you will need to get creative. Throws and blankets can hide a multitude of sins and are also a great way to switch up the colour scheme in your home.

If the shabby chic look isn’t quite your thing, you may also be able to buy a sofa cover. Many online companies sell covers that are suitable for all different sofa shapes and sizes.

Freshen Up with Flower Arrangements

Flower bouquets are extremely versatile – from acting as décor for a party, to adding elegance to your home daily. Rather than blow your budget at your local high street flower shop look for deals at online florists. Many online stores offer free flower delivery and provide excellent prices on beautiful, fresh bouquets. Split larger bouquets into smaller posies and place them in glass jars or spare glasses. Position these posies around the home to provide a pop of colour and fragrance around the home.

Declutter the Home

Online Flower ShopYour home can become very messy when it is filled with clutter. You may think that your home needs a complete overhaul when, in fact, it merely needs to be decluttered.  Get organised and put objects and clothing into categories – need, donate, throw, and upcycle. Be strict with things that you have not worn or used in years and be prepared to donate them. If things are broken beyond repair then throw them away.

Upcycling Magic

Some objects could be salvaged and upcycled. Upcycling involves repairing, painting, or finding another use for objects that you may have thought need to be thrown away. An armchair that has become threadbare in places may merely need some patches sewn onto it. A table that has become worn may just need a lick of paint. There are many sites with great ideas about how to upcycle and how to do so on a budget.

Search Free Sites

You may already be well aware of selling sites and pages on social media, but did you know that there are also places you can get items for free? People who don’t want to pay for furniture and bulky items to be taken away when they are replacing them are often keen to have others take them away for free. Look at local online marketplace pages for items that you really need so that you can easily pick up these things rather than pay for postage or courier delivery.

A Family Gallery

Same Day Flower DeliveryNew artworks can really make a blank wall come alive. Rather than spend money on expensive prints, make your own. If you have children, get them to paint family portraits that can be placed in cheap frames for the wall. Spend a day out foraging for leaves, twigs and flowers that you can then use to create unique pieces of art. An inexpensive, yet pretty way to create art is to purchase clip frames and press flowers or leaves beneath the glass. Purchase frames in bulk online to save even more money.

Use our tips to brighten up your home on a budget and enjoy the satisfaction of using your own creativity to save money.