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Handy Flowers The Best Flowers Delivery Service for your Special Occasion

There is nothing better in life than being able to celebrate a special occasion with the people you love. Bringing people together and sharing an important event makes us feel connected and loved. At Handy Flowers we are proud to have been a part of many special events for our customers, by delivering the perfect flowers by post. We have expertise in creating bouquets for birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, and even weddings. Our team of florists can create something bespoke for you, using the colours and flowers of your choice. We have also been privileged to create funeral wreaths and tributes too, so even during hard times, we will support you in showing your love in the most powerful and respectful way. View our selection of flowers for inspiration and ideas for your special day.

Flowers of Every Occasion

We love bringing smiles to people and we do that by delivering stunning bouquets of flowers right to their door. But these aren't just any bouquets, these are flowers of the very highest quality, hand-picked and designed by experts in floral arrangement. And what's even better is that we have flowers of virtually every kind to really make your chosen bouquet special to you. Whether your favourite flower is the tulip, rose or lily, or something more unusual and exotic, we have something for you. Or perhaps you're buying a bouquet for someone special in your life, and you want to choose a flower that represents how much you respect and care for them, our flower guide can help you choose the perfect option.

Fast, Reliable, Free Flower Delivery

Helping our customers save money, while enjoying top-quality services is of the utmost importance to our team at Handy Flowers. And this is why we offer standard flower delivery free to all of our customers no matter what you're buying or where it needs to go. And we also understand that waiting for a flower delivery is no fun at all, but waiting for a delivery that never arrives is the worst feeling. But with our expert flower delivery service you will never need to worry about that - when you choose us, you are choosing reliable florists and fast delivery as standard. You will be kept up to date every step of the way and nothing will prevent us from getting your flowers delivered on time, every time.

Enjoy Super Fast Same Day Flowers Delivered Today

Need to speed up your flower delivery? No worries, because on top of our brilliant standard delivery, at Handy Flowers we are also pleased to be able to deliver same day flowers delivered too. Just order before the deadline and you could have your flowers delivered on the very same day. Missed the deadline by mere moments? Never worry, because you can still enjoy next day flower delivery, so there's minimal waiting. Whether it's because of a forgotten birthday or anniversary, or you just want to show someone how much you care, just because, same day flowers delivery is a great choice. Only you know when you need your flowers to arrive but once you let us know when and where to send them, our team of florists will make sure they get there faster than you can say 'flower delivery'.

Unbeatable Flowers Designed by Expert Florists

There is no denying the difference in quality between an average florist and a true expert in their field. And at Handy Flowers, we only work with experts. Every florist that we hire has tons of experience under his or her belt, they are fully trained and still learning, and they absolutely love their craft. It really is the amazing talent, skill and passion of our florists that make us one of the top rated, award winning flower shops in London. And you can enjoy the fruits of their labour when you send flowers online with us. You'll be able to enjoy flowers that will absolutely blow you away and once you choose our flowers, we bet you won't go back to supermarket bouquets any time soon.

Save Yourself Money with Cheap Flowers

We know that flower delivery has a bit of a reputation for being pricey but we believe in doing things differently. That is why we specialise in providing our customers with cheap flowers that don't skimp on quality. How do we do this? Well, because we are one of the reputable flower shops we save ourselves tons of money by working with a great network of flower suppliers who provide us with the very highest quality flowers in London at bargain prices. All this adds up to cheap flowers for you, guaranteed. Order next day flower delivery and see for yourself!

Send Flowers Online at Your Leisure

If, like many of our customers, you dislike the hustle and bustle of having to go into to town to visit flower shops, you will love our online florist. It truly is the easiest, not to mention cheapest and quickest, way to send flowers. If you need to send flowers to a loved one or just want flowers delivered to your own home, then why not make yourself a drink, pop the telly on and sit back to have a browse of our brilliant selection in the comfort of your own home? Bliss. Or if you need to order a flower delivery on the move, you can do that too. Just use your phone, visit us online and place your order! Easy-peasy!

The Quick and Secure Way to Have Flowers Delivered

Quality flowers. Cheap prices. Reliable service. That's what we are all about. When you opt for our florist you can trust in us to keep your details safe and treat you with the respect you deserve. From the moment you visit our website to have a browse, right through to having your flowers delivered, you'll get nothing but the highest quality service when you come to us.

Our Testimonials

The flowers sent through this online florist were thoroughly impressed and had the desired effect. I want to thank this online shop massively for that.
Rating: 4/5
Arranging same day flower delivery was surprisingly cheap and simple with this company. The easy service and the gorgeous flowers were much appreciated.
Rating: 4/5
The wonderful bouquet their expert florists created made my friend very happy. I can’t thank them enough for that.
Rating: 4/5
Flower delivery went by without a hitch. I was expecting there to be issues, either with quality, or delays with delivery, seeing as how I arranged for the same day service. My scepticism was unwarranted. This online shop delivered just what was needed.
Rating: 4/5


1. Where can I buy flowers in London?

There are several places to buy flowers in London. However, if you want top-quality flowers for less, you should shop at Handy Flowers. You can buy discounted flowers online from our fantastic store. Our team creates beautiful bouquets for all occasions. These floral arrangements can be sent to any address in the London region. Buying flowers online allows you to purchase blooms from wherever you may be. Online shopping for flowers also means you can send flowers whenever you like. We provide the best prices in the area and offer discounted flowers all year round.

2. How can I send flowers to London?

When you can't gift flowers in person and need to send flowers to London, we can help. Based in London, we offer flower delivery all over the region. As an online flower shop, we showcase our fantastic collection of bouquets and floral arrangements via clear, accurate images. When you visit our site, you can select the bouquets you wish to purchase. You can choose from a variety of delivery options, including same day flower delivery and next day flower delivery in London. Fill in the details of the address to which you want the flowers sent, and we will ensure your flowers arrive on the day you have chosen. Sending flowers is very easy when you order via Handy Flowers.

3. What's the best flower delivery service UK?

We pride ourselves on offering a fantastic flower delivery service in the UK. There are certain things that make our flower delivery the best service. Many customers consider us to be the top because we not only provide a reliable flower delivery service, but we also have the best prices in the region. What makes us such a good flower delivery company? One element of our company that customers love is that we provide different delivery options. In addition, our teams create the most beautiful floral arrangements for every occasion. This allows customers to be able to rely on us whenever they want to send flowers to those they love.

4. Where can I buy cheap flowers in central London?

London is renowned for being an expensive place to live. This extends to purchasing gifts such as flowers. It is, therefore, no wonder that customers are on the search for the cheapest place to buy flowers in central London. You may want to purchase flowers as a gift for a friend or relative, but be unsure as to where you can buy the best discounted blooms, which are not only cheap but also look amazing. Our bouquets and flower delivery services are well-known for being the cheapest in central London. No matter what the occasion, you can buy beautiful bouquets at fantastic prices at our online flower shop. When you browse our collection, you will see just how much you can save on gorgeous bouquets and floral displays. Our prices remain low even on days such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. Rely on our team for cheap flowers throughout the year.

5. What flowers are best for a funeral?

Flowers have individual meanings. Therefore, if you are looking for the most appropriate flowers for a funeral, you will want to know which flowers are the most respectful to purchase. One of the most popular flowers to buy for a funeral is the lily. These fragrant flowers are often used in funeral sprays and bouquets. White lilies are believed to symbolise peace and purity. Roses are also another appropriate choice for funerals. White roses signify innocence and rebirth. Like lilies, they are popular flowers for funeral sprays, as well as sympathy flowers. Deep red roses depict deep passion and love and are therefore mostly used at the funerals of deceased partners. Carnations are often favoured for funerals. White carnations symbolise pure love and innocence.

6. When should you buy flowers?

Flowers are the perfect gift or gesture for numerous occasions. In fact, you don't need a reason to buy flowers for someone you care about. However, there are many events and celebrations on which flowers are very much welcomed. Birthday flowers are a fantastic idea, especially if you give the gift of favourite blooms to a friend or family member. Flowers can also be gifted for romantic occasions such as a wedding anniversary or Valentine's Day. Mother's Day is one of the most popular days for the giving of flowers. There is also no reason why flowers shouldn't be gifted on Father's Day too. When someone you care for has recently lost a loved one, sympathy flowers are the perfect way to show you are thinking of them at this sad time. You may also want to buy flowers to send to a funeral. These can be sent directly to the funeral home or the location of the service.

7. What do white roses mean?

White roses are one of the most popular choices. Every flower has at least one meaning, and white roses have several. One of the meanings of white roses is innocence. This may explain why white roses are used for weddings as once upon a time, newlyweds would be very young and innocent. Another meaning attributed to white roses is reverence. This meaning makes them ideal to be included in wedding flowers as marriage is a matter to be taken very seriously indeed! Roses are also considered romantic flowers, which makes white roses the perfect choice for weddings and romantic ceremonies. White roses are also seen as a sign of respect and remembrance. These meanings have made the flower a popular choice for funerals.

8. What are the best flowers?

The question of which flowers would be considered the best is a difficult one to answer. Ultimately, although gifting flowers may be popular, it may not be considered the best to many people. Yet, some flowers seem to have stood the test of time. These flowers remain at the top of customers' lists when they are looking for the perfect blooms. The most popular flower has to be the rose. Roses are not only beautiful but have a beautiful, recognisable scent that many people simply adore. Red roses are extremely popular for romantic occasions such as Valentine's Day and anniversaries. Roses are also chosen for wedding bouquets and buttonholes. In addition to being gorgeous, roses are chosen for weddings as they last for a considerable amount of time without water and therefore won't wilt easily. White roses are also a popular option.

9. How long should flowers last?

With the right care, flowers can last for up to two weeks. The correct care begins with buying flowers from the appropriate flower delivery store. We select the most beautiful fresh cut flowers so that the flowers last as long as possible. Our team of florists then work quickly, yet carefully to create your selected bouquet. Your flowers will then be efficiently packaged and transported to your chosen address. When the flowers are received, taking care of them can ensure the bouquet lasts for a long time. One way to prolong the appearance of your flowers is to cut the stems at an angle. This allows the flowers to absorb as much water as possible. Flower food in the vase water can also be used to keep your flowers looking fresher for longer. The water should be changed every other day and the flower food replaced each time. Keeping flowers away from direct heat will make sure that they don't dry out.

10. What is the etiquette for funeral flowers?

When sending funeral flowers, you will want to follow the correct etiquette. The first thing you will want to do is to buy the appropriate flowers. The most popular flowers to include in funeral sprays and sympathy bouquets are white lilies and white roses. There are occasions when a different type of flower will be requested. For example, if the deceased had a particularly favourite flower. When sending flowers to the family of the deceased, they should be delivered to the funeral home rather than the family home. The flowers can then be placed appropriately for the service and at the graveside. When addressing the flowers, address them to the family of the deceased. It is usual for the flowers to be delivered on the morning of the funeral. Simply tell us the date that the flowers need to be delivered and that they are for a funeral, and our team will ensure they are delivered on time.

11. Why are flowers so expensive?

If you have never used our flower delivery services before, you may be under the impression that flowers are very expensive. However, our flowers are provided at the best prices in the area. It may be the case that florist flowers cost more than supermarket flowers. This is because florists use their expertise to carefully select the freshest flowers and then arrange them into stunning bouquets. The price of bouquets can increase when a mixture of flowers is used. In addition, when flowers are ordered out of season, this can increase the cost. To minimise costs, use our online flower delivery services. We provide gorgeous flowers at a fraction of the cost of other florists in the region. Our flower delivery prices are also low, all year round. This includes low-cost same day and next day flower delivery.

12. Can you send flowers by post?

Flowers are often sent by courier. A courier will carefully deliver on the day that you have requested. Flowers can also be sent by post. When flowers are sent by this option, they will be carefully packaged to protect the flowers. Flowers by post can be sent by standard delivery. If you require same day flower delivery, opt for courier service from our online flower shop. When you order flowers before a certain time, your flowers will be sent the very same day. Next day flower delivery will also be carried out by a courier. Your flowers will arrive directly the day after you place your order.

13. What are the 10 most popular flowers?

Top of the list of most popular flowers is the rose. The rose is a romantic bloom but is also used to show love in a platonic way too. Next in line is the gerbera. These beautiful flowers are sometimes called the African Daisy as they are native to Africa. Following behind the gerbera are tulips, lilies, and calla lilies. At number six in popularity, stakes are the orchid. This exotic flower is very popular but is very difficult to grow. The seventh most popular flower is the iris. At number eight is the carnation. These pretty flowers are very popular gifts on Mother's Day. At number nine, you will find sunflowers. These happy flowers are the perfect blooms to bring a smile to the face of a loved one. Last, but by no means are hydrangeas.

14. What is the most expensive flower?

The most expensive flower in the world, is in fact, priceless. No amount of money would be able to procure you one of these flowers. This is because it is so rare. The flower is known as the kadupul flower. The kadupul flower is a cactus. The plant flowers at night, but only briefly. To catch a glimpse of the flower, you would need to be awake just before midnight when it blooms. The flower then lasts for just hours as it perishes at dawn. This makes it a very impractical flower to consider as a gift! Fortunately, you will find beautiful flowers that last a lot longer and are available at reasonable prices at our online flower shop.

15. What flower means I'm sorry?

When you have upset a friend or family member, it can be difficult to say sorry. Should you be finding it hard to put your apology into words, flowers are an excellent gesture. Each flower has at least one meaning, and some flowers specifically mean “I'm sorry”. Choosing these flowers suggests that you have put even more thought into the flowers you gift. If it is your partner that you have upset, roses are a perfect choice. Not only are roses romantic, but they also show an apology when gifted. Roses also mean unconditional love, caring, and affection. Lilies are also a fantastic choice for when you wish to apologise. Lilies symbolise humility and devotion. Tulips may be what you are looking for, as they signify forgiveness, peace, and new beginnings.

16. What flowers mean I miss you?

As each flower can have one or multiple meanings, it is safe to say that there are flowers that mean “I miss you”. A beautiful flower that shows precisely this is the white orchid. This striking flower will reveal how much you care for the person to which you gift it. If orchids aren't your thing, consider carnations. These flowers are simple, yet beautiful and adored by so many people. Pink and red carnations are the most favoured colours when saying “I'm sorry”. Stargazer lilies are also a fantastic choice when you want to show someone that you miss them. Whether you select orchids, carnations or stargazer lilies, ensure you also write a short note telling the recipient how you feel. This will add to the joy your friend or relative feels when they receive your thoughtful flowers.

17. What are the cheapest flowers?

Buying gifts for every occasion can be expensive. The same is true if you need to buy flowers for an event such as a wedding. This is why it is good to know which flowers are the least expensive. Surprisingly, roses can be the cheapest option, especially when you are purchasing them in bulk for your wedding. Carnations are a great choice too, as these too are less expensive than many other types of flowers. Gerbera daisies are a popular choice as they are available in different colours in addition to being cheaper than other flowers. Hydrangeas can prove to be cheaper too, as they have huge heads meaning you will need fewer stems to create huge displays. For something a little different, choose blue thistle. These flowers are extremely popular to include in wedding bouquets and buttonholes.

18. Why are supermarket flowers so cheap?

Sometimes you may want to pick up some flowers from the local supermarket. It is then that you may wonder why supermarket flowers appear to be cheaper than flowers from a florist. On a good day, you can even buy supermarket flowers that have been significantly reduced. However, when this happens, do you also notice the quality of the flowers? There are many reasons why supermarket bought flowers can be cheaper than flowers bought from a florist. Firstly, reduced supermarket flowers are rarely in great condition. The flowers will have already started to droop and even decay if they are being sold at a drastically reduced price. Secondly, supermarket arrangements are rarely going to have been selected and created by a qualified florist. Finally, unlike at a florist, there will be fewer choices and no florist on hand to answer any questions you may have about the flowers on display.

19. What flower means I will love you forever?

When you love someone so deeply, you want to show them in every way you can. If words simply don't reveal the true depth of your love, consider giving flowers that do. When thinking about flowers and love, your mind may immediately leap to the thought of roses. Roses are indeed a symbol of love, especially red roses. Dark red roses symbolise passionate love and are often given on romantic occasions such as Valentine's Day or an anniversary. However, there is another flower that means forever love. Since the Victorian era, a baby's breath has been a symbol of everlasting love. This is why you will often find baby's breath included in bouquets of roses. Baby's breath, or gypsophila as it is also known, belongs to the carnation family. The delicate flowers are ever so pretty and pair perfectly with red roses.

20. Which flowers are most expensive for wedding?

When planning a wedding on a budget, you want to be able to get the best prices on everything. Flowers are one of the most important components to consider when planning your wedding. Therefore, you will undoubtedly want to be able to get the most beautiful flowers yet remain within your budget. Should you wish to avoid going beyond what you can afford, steer clear of flowers that will be out of season when you wed. Flowers that are in season are at their most beautiful and will cost less. Consider how far the flowers will have had to travel too, as this can increase the cost. Also, should you be marrying on Valentine's Day, you may find that red roses become expensive as they will be in high demand. Peonies, although popular for weddings, are an expensive option. Other more expensive choices include gardenias and Casablanca lilies.

21. How can I send flowers to London?

Customers can send flowers easily to London via our online flower shop. We provide a convenient way to order beautiful bouquets at fantastic prices. When you buy flowers from Handy Flowers, you have a choice of ways to send flowers to London. We provide amazing deals on same day flower delivery. This service ensures your flowers arrive where they need to be the very same day you place your order. Our florists also offer next day flower delivery. You can select your preferred delivery option when you place your order. To place an order, visit our site and browse our collection. Once you have decided which bouquet you want to gift to a loved one, complete your order and choose the day you want them to be delivered.

22. Can I get flowers delivered today UK?

There are occasions when you will want to send flowers the same day that you place your order. We are delighted to offer an affordable same day flower delivery service in the UK. Our florists can create stunning bouquets which can be delivered anywhere in the UK on the same day. No matter where you need the flowers to be delivered in the UK, our team will ensure that they arrive on time. When you place the same day flower delivery order, a talented florist will carefully arrange your chosen bouquet. The flowers will then be appropriately packaged, ready for delivery. A trusted courier will then deliver your bouquet. You may have only just remembered an important occasion. Alternatively, you may just want to send a surprise bouquet to a friend or family member. Whatever the reason, we can have your flowers delivered in no time at all.

23. Why is flower delivery so expensive?

It is thought by many that flower delivery is expensive. However, when you order flowers from Handy Flowers, you will discover just how affordable flower delivery can be. There may be a charge for a courier to deliver the flowers you choose. Alternatively, the cost will be included in the price of the bouquet. When you buy flowers from our online store, you will benefit from the expertise of talented florists. As one of our customers, you will also receive huge discounts on all flower delivery options. This also includes same day flower delivery and next day flower delivery. You may pay extra for the service. However, you will always receive the best prices from our florists.

24. What is the most popular flower?

When you think of flowers, your favourite bloom may pop into your head. However, just because a certain flower is your favourite, it may not be considered the most popular. Yet, it may not come as a surprise to learn that the most popular flower purchased from florists is the beautiful rose. Roses are extremely versatile and can be used for all manner of occasions. Red roses are particularly popular. These flowers are mostly bought as a romantic gift on days, such as Valentine's Day and wedding anniversaries. Pink roses are popular too. This colour of rose is chosen for occasions such as Mother's Day, new baby celebrations, and even as a romantic gesture in a new relationship. White roses are purchased for events such as weddings and used in bridal bouquets and buttonholes.

25. Can I get flowers delivered tomorrow UK?

Sometimes you need flowers in a hurry. Perhaps you have only just remembered a friend's birthday. It may be that you want to send a surprise gift bouquet to someone you love. No matter what the reason, we can make sure that your chosen flowers arrive quickly via our next day flower delivery in the UK. We deliver flowers all over the UK. Our bouquets can be delivered the day after you place an order. Simply select the appropriate delivery option at checkout. Once your order has been placed, the delivery date will be noted. A talented florist will then create your chosen bouquet, which will be carefully prepared for transport. A courier will then deliver your bouquet on the day requested.

26. What do florists do with unsold flowers?

There will be rare occasions when some flowers remain unsold. However, these flowers will not go to waste. There are many different uses for flowers that have not been sold. If flowers remain unsold at the end of the day, they may be offered at discounted prices. It is worthwhile keeping an eye on our site for any discounts. In some instances, unsold bouquets can be gifted to local hospitals, care homes or hospices. Flowers are known for their cheering effects and residents, and patients love to receive the flowers. Unsold flowers can also be used to train apprentice florists. Using fresh flowers is a fantastic way to train emerging florists. There can be occasions when flowers will be offered as prizes in giveaways.

27. What is the most beautiful flower on Earth?

The title of most beautiful flower on Earth is a difficult one to bestow. This is because there are so many stunning flowers from which to choose. Beauty is also subjective, and what one person may find attractive, another may not. However, if popularity is anything to go by, the most beautiful flower in the world would be considered to be the rose. Not only does the rose look incredibly pretty, but its fragrance is exceptional. So much so, roses have been used in perfumes for centuries. The rose is often called “The Queen of the Garden”, and many customers agree. Roses are gifted to partners, friends, and family, in addition, to be used to adorn wedding venues and dinner parties. People all over the globe enjoy the sight and scent of roses, which makes it easy to believe that they are the most beautiful flowers on Earth.

28. How do you get flowers delivered to someone?

Having flowers delivered to a friend or family member is easy when you purchase flowers from our online shop. Our store has been created so you can have flowers delivered anywhere in the UK. Simply browse our extensive collection of beautiful bouquets. When you have chosen your preferred bouquet select the delivery option you require. We provide a number of different delivery options. Should you need flowers to be delivered as soon as possible, choose our same day flower delivery service. We also provide a next day flower delivery option. Once you have chosen the delivery service you want, your order can be placed. One of our talented florists will carefully create your bouquet. The flowers will then be delivered on the day you have selected.

29. What will make cut flowers last longer?

When you receive a bouquet of gorgeous blooms, you will want to keep them as fresh as possible for as long as possible. There are some steps you can take to achieve this. As soon as your flowers arrive, cut the stems at an angle. Doing this allows the stems to absorb more water. You should then remove any leaves that may lie before the water in the vase. Leaves that are left in the water can decay quickly, which will affect the quality of the water. Many bouquets arrive with a flower food solution which should be added to the water, before being added to the vase in which you intend to place your flowers. Flower food will help to keep your flowers fresher for longer. Ensure the water and flower food are replaced every other day. This will also help to prevent your flowers from perishing prematurely.

30. What is a woman's favourite flower?

Every woman is different, and it, therefore, can be presumed that their favourite flower will also differ. If you are unsure what flowers to buy a female friend or relation, there are some ways you can determine what flowers you should buy. Women who enjoy traditional gifts may also like to receive traditional flowers. Yellow roses signify friendship, which makes them the ideal flower to give to a female friend. If you are gifting flowers to a partner or potential love interest, and she is traditional, then red roses would be perfect. When the woman to which you want to gift flowers is non-traditional, bright, cheerful flowers such as sunflowers and daisies could be their perfect bloom. You can often tell what kind of flowers a woman may like by paying attention to what kind of perfumes they prefer. Perfumes usual contain floral notes such as rose, jasmine, or lavender. Should you be able to identify the perfume they wear and the flowers the perfume contains, you can discover which flowers they would love to receive.

31. Do cut flowers last longer in warm water or cold water?

Many recipients of freshly cut flowers presume that they can transfer their flowers straight from the packaging into tap water. For the most part, this is correct. Cold tap water is perfectly fine for flowers, especially when combined with flower food solutions. Yet, ice water could be even better. Very cold water rids the stems of any air bubbles that may have been created while the flowers were being stored. Some people believe that very hot water is best for fresh flowers. However, extremely hot water is not recommended. Hot water will damage the delicate tissues of the stems. This will result in the flowers wilting long before they should. In conclusion, cold water, or barely warm water, is best for your freshly cut flowers.

32. What is the cheapest flower delivery?

When sending flowers, you will want to get the best price for the flower delivery. We provide excellent prices on flower delivery all over the UK. This includes fantastic deals on all same day and next day flower delivery options. We are proud to provide the cheapest flower delivery in the region. Our prices even remain low on peak days such as Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day. These days can be very expensive if buying from other florists. However, our customers enjoy incredible deals on beautiful bouquets throughout the year. By keeping our flower delivery prices low, we ensure that customers can use our services whenever they want to treat friends and family to gorgeous blooms. Enjoy the cheapest delivery in the region by purchasing flowers from Handy Flowers.

33. How much does it cost to send flowers to someone?

Sending flowers to a friend or relative or even a colleague is a wonderful gesture. Receiving flowers is one of life's little pleasures. It is therefore unsurprising that so many people use our services to gift flowers to those they love. You may, however, be reluctant to send flowers because of delivery prices. Fortunately, our flower delivery prices are very low. In fact, many of our bouquets have delivery included in the discounted prices. Providing low-cost flower delivery allows customers to send flowers whenever they wish to. In a lot of instances, the delivery price is included in the prices of our low-cost blooms. Our flower delivery prices are always affordable.

34. What flower lasts the longest?

Fresh cut flowers are a wonderful gift. However, inevitably they will perish at some point. Should you want to ensure that your floral gift will last for as long as possible, there are certain flowers that last longer than others. Chrysanthemums are renowned for lasting a very long time. These gorgeous flowers can last over three weeks if cared for appropriately. Part of caring for chrysanthemums includes changing the water every day. Orchids are also a fantastic choice when searching for long-lasting flowers. Orchids can last up to three weeks and will continue to look fresh and beautiful with the right care. The popular flower, the carnation, can last for between two to three weeks. This could go some way to explain why they remain one of the most popular flowers to send as a gift.

35. How do you say happy birthday in new style?

Birthdays present the perfect occasion to show a friend, colleague, or relative how much you care. If you are looking for a great way to do this, choose flowers from Handy Flowers. Our birthday flowers are available in all different styles and colours. One of the best ways to say happy birthday is to buy your loved one a bouquet of their favourite flowers. Popular birthday flowers include tulips, carnations, and roses. Red roses are especially popular when purchasing flowers for a romantic partner. If you are throwing a birthday bash, flowers make for a sophisticated way to decorate your venue. Garden parties look fabulous with tables adorned with individual vases of flowers. You can also use fresh flowers to create garlands. These add a touch of elegance to a birthday party venue.

36. How does flower delivery work?

Our flower delivery services ensure flowers arrive on time every time. Our flowers are delivered by trusted couriers. When you place an order on our site, you can choose the right flower delivery service for your needs. When you place an order before a certain time, you can select same day flower delivery. This means that your flowers will arrive the very same day that you place the order. Once your order has been received, a talented florist will create your chosen bouquet. The flowers will then be carefully packaged for safe delivery. Next day flower delivery is another popular option available on our site. One of our amazing florists will select the fresh flowers required for your bouquet and use their skills to create a gorgeous display. The flowers will then be delivered on the day you have selected.

37. What is standard delivery for Handy Flowers?

Standard delivery will see your flowers being delivered between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm. Couriers can deliver your flowers at any time between these hours. If the flowers can't be delivered as the recipient isn't in, the flowers can be left in a safe place. Alternatively, the courier will attempt to deliver the flowers at another time during that day. Should you need your flowers delivered on a specific day, choose the relevant option. This can be same day or next day flower delivery. Again, the flowers will be delivered on the chosen day between 8 am and 6 pm. Standard delivery is free of charge.

38. Does Handy Flowers use local florists?

We are a national florist, delivering flowers all over the UK. Customers from all over the UK can buy flowers from our online flower shop. To accomplish this, we use trusted local florists. Each florist has been chosen because of their skills and impeccable reputation. These florists have the experience necessary to quickly, yet carefully, arrange fresh flowers into stunning bouquets and posies. By using local florists, we ensure the flowers you receive are as fresh as possible. When you place an order, one of our florists will create your beautiful bouquet. This will then be transported via courier to your chosen address. Using local florists allows customers all over the UK to take advantage of our low prices and amazing deals.

39. Which cut flower is the most popular for purchase?

We stock all manner of flowers. Yet, some flowers remain more popular than others. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most popular flower is the rose. The appearance and fragrance of roses are very appealing, which makes them a welcome gift when received. Roses are very versatile in that they can be gifted for all manner of occasions. Red roses are popular for romantic occasions such as wedding anniversaries and Valentine's Day. White roses are extremely popular for weddings. Yellow roses symbolise friendship. Possessing this meaning makes them a great gift to send to friends on their birthdays. Roses have been popular for centuries and are certain to remain so for years to come.

40. Can you deliver at a specific time?

When having flowers delivered via standard delivery, the flowers will arrive between 8 am and 6 pm. Standard delivery does not incur any extra charge. Charges may apply if additional flowers are purchased. We want to make sending flowers as convenient as possible and so provide other time slots. These time slots may incur an extra charge. Any special requests can be detailed when you place an order. Orders may be able to be tracked via our courier service. Should you have any additional requests regarding delivery times, you can contact us directly. Our customer care team will be delighted to help you in any way they can.

41. Can I order flowers to be delivered to any address in London?

Sending flowers in London is easy with Handy Flowers. We send flowers all over the UK and can deliver flowers quickly to anywhere in London. To arrange the delivery of beautiful flowers, begin by selecting your preferred bouquet from our collection of blooms. Next, select your preferred delivery service. We provide assorted delivery options, including a standard delivery service, same day flower delivery and next day flower delivery. Your chosen bouquet will then be prepared for delivery on the day that it will be delivered. After being appropriately packaged, the flowers will be sent via courier to the address you have specified. The entire process is very simple, and you can order flowers in mere minutes at our online flower shop. Send flowers with confidence when you order online with us.

42. How do you send a bouquet of flowers?

Sending a bouquet of flowers to a loved one is a wonderful way to show you care. If you are looking to send flowers, you may be wondering how to do this. Your first stop should be our online flower shop. Here you will discover a fantastic range of flowers. We provide flowers in all different colours and styles. When you have chosen your favourite bouquet, follow the steps to place your order. Once you have selected your bouquet, you can then choose your preferred delivery option. Our team can send flowers in a variety of ways. The options include same day flower delivery and next day delivery.

43. Why are florists so expensive?

Some florists can prove to be very expensive. However, we provide flowers at excellent prices. When you purchase flowers from our online shop, you are paying for the expertise of talented florists. Although we use only the most skilled florists, you will always receive the best prices possible throughout our entire range of blooms. Flowers purchased from florists can appear to be more expensive than the supermarket, but you have access to a wide range of flowers via our site when compared with the bouquets available at supermarkets. Our prices remain low all year round. This even takes into account big occasions such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. So, although you may have thought that florists are expensive, you will soon see that this isn't the case when you shop at our store.

44. What flower is the most expensive?

The most expensive flower in the world is not actually for sale. This is because this particular bloom is so rare that it is priceless. The elusive Kadupul flower is native to Sri Lanka, yet this doesn't mean that the locals get to witness the flower's beauty. The rare flower only blooms for a matter of hours before perishing. As it is so delicate and rare, it is coveted the world over. However, you wouldn't be able to gift this flower as not only is it not for sale, it simply doesn't last long enough. The most expensive flower that money can buy is the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid. This flower is worth approximately £160,000. The orchid is a man-made creation, developed by the Shenzhen Nongke Group in China. An anonymous bidder bought the flower for the eye-watering price and is still the most expensive flower ever to have been bought.

45. How do florists keep their flowers fresh?

When your flowers arrive looking as though they have only just been cut, you know the florist has gone to great lengths to maintain their freshness. Our talented florists have many ways of keeping their flowers fresh. The first thing to note is that the flowers used in all our bouquets are as fresh as possible. This means that the flowers will have been cut briefly before the florist arranges them. The way in which the stems are cut is also important to maintain the freshness of the flowers. Cutting the stems at a 45° angle, rather than straight across allows the flower to absorb more water. This brings us to the next important consideration. Water should be fresh, and any leaves that may end up in the vase water should be removed to prevent them from affecting the clarity of the water. Your flowers may also be delivered with a packet of flower food. This should be added to the vase water to prolong the freshness of your flowers.

46. What do florists use to keep cut flowers fresh?

Florists use many methods to keep their flowers fresh. If flowers are being displayed, the florist will ensure that the flowers are freshly cut in the first instance. The stems will be cut at an angle to allow the flowers to absorb as much water as possible. Florists may also use flower food. This can be in the form of pre-packaged powder or liquid. When added to fresh water, the flower food provides a formula that prolongs the freshness of the flowers. The florist will also remove any flowers that have wilted or died. Decaying flowers can have an impact on the other flowers and also affects the aesthetic of the other flowers in the vase. The water in the vase will be changed every other day and the flower food replaced each time. Florists are also careful to keep the flowers away from heat or wind sources so that petals don't dry out or blow away.

47. Is being a florist stressful?

Studies have shown that being around nature can be extremely beneficial for your mental health. This coupled with the fact that concentrating on certain actions is great for your mental well-being means that being a florist is rarely stressful. There are even floristry workshops where you can learn how to prepare and arrange flowers. Many people find these sessions therapeutic. Our florists also love knowing that their talents will be bringing joy to so many people's lives. The florists at Handy Flowers are highly trained individuals who know how to complete orders efficiently and quickly. This minimises any stress that may be associated with being an extremely popular and busy business. Each florist we employ loves creating stunning bouquets for our customers to enjoy.

48. What tools do floral designers use?

A floral designer is an extremely creative individual that uses flowers and plants to create beautiful floral compositions. A floral designer will usually be employed to provide flowers for big events such as weddings and elaborate birthday celebrations. To create these works of art, floral designers need to use specific materials and tools. It is imperative that floral designers not only use the correct tools but have the best quality tools also. Some of the tools that a floral designer will use include, a floral knife, bunch cutters, pruning shears, floral pillow, and a fresh flower stem cutter. Other tools include a thorn stripper, ribbon cutter, a stemming machine, and a flower frog. A flower frog is used to keep flowers in place as the piece is being constructed. There are many different tools that will be required, and this is not a conclusive list.

49. How does baking soda make flowers last longer?

There are several tricks and hints that can help to make freshly cut flowers last longer in your home. One of these tricks is to use baking soda in the vase water. It is recommended that one or two teaspoons of baking soda should be added to the vase water. Doing this is said to add many days to the display quality of your flowers. It is believed that when baking soda is included in the water that a reaction occurs. The baking soda changes the composition of the water, making the flowers stay fresher for longer. To help prolong the vase-life of your flowers, change the water every other day, adding baking soda to the water each time. It is also important to clean the vase before adding new water and baking soda. A dirty vase can affect the freshness of your flowers. Adding sugar alongside the baking powder can also add further days to the vase-life of your blooms.

50. What's the difference between a floral designer and a florist?

You may not have realised that there is a difference between a floral designer and a florist. However, there are some differences between the two roles. A florist can be extremely talented and be able to arrange flowers in a very creative manner. Our florists are indeed creative and create amazing bouquets that are incredibly pleasing to the eye. A floral artist is usually employed for huge events that require artistic displays using flowers. In many cases, a creation arranged by a floral artist will be a one-off piece. This means that the floral art will not be created again, and only for the occasions for which it has been commissioned. Floral artists will work closely with their clients to create their finished pieces. A florist will not only create beautiful bouquets but will also sell these pieces at a much cheaper price than one-off pieces.

51. What are the advantages of being a florist?

Being a florist is many people's idea of the perfect career. Being surrounded by beautiful flowers is certainly one of the perks of the job. Bringing joy to so many people through the gift of flowers is another attraction of a career in floristry. Besides being able to create beautiful bouquets for others, there are various other advantages of being a florist. It is therapeutic and possibly very good for your mental health. Being a florist means working in a peaceful environment. Florists have the opportunity to flex their creative abilities. The chance to be so creative as a career is a huge attraction for many people.

52. What is the biggest day for the flower industry?

There are so many occasions on which people buy flowers. Birthdays and anniversaries provide a lot of business to florists. Yet, these days aren't nationally celebrated at one time. The days that will undoubtedly be popular within the flower industry are Mother's Day, Father's Day, and the Christmas and Easter seasons. However, the biggest day for the flower industry is February 14th, Valentine's Day. This day is incredibly busy with people bestowing the gift of flowers on their partners and spouses. It is not only couples that celebrate this day, and the day is made even busier by hopeful romantics attempting to woo their love interest with a bouquet of gorgeous red roses. This is why it is best to get your orders in early and select a florist you can trust to deliver your flowers on time.

53. What do florists do with unsold flowers?

Are you intrigued as to what happens to unsold flowers? There may be times when a florist will have fresh flowers remaining at the end of the day. Of course, only the freshest flowers can be sold on our site, and therefore these flowers won't be sold the next day. If there are flowers remaining near the end of the day, a florist can decide to offer these at a heavily discounted price. Customers can then enjoy huge savings on fresh flowers should there be flowers left at closing time. Unsold flowers can also be used as prizes in marketing campaigns by florists. In other instances, florists kindly donate the flowers to local nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices. A florist can even decide to treat themselves to the flowers and take them home to enjoy. Composting is another option for unsold flowers with the flowers being used to create compost which can then be used to grow more flowers.

54. What skills do you need to be a floral designer?

It takes certain talents and skills to become a floral designer. Perhaps the most important trait to have is to have a genuine interest in plants and floral design. Being passionate about this craft will ensure you will persevere with any training required to become a floral artist. It is imperative that you possess fantastic time management skills. Floristry is a busy industry, and orders will need to be fulfilled on time. Creativity is another key component required to become a successful floral designer. You will need to know which colours and flowers complement each other to create the most beautiful designs. You will also need to possess great people skills. Being able to communicate successfully with clients is very important. This is because you need to be able to know what design the client wants and how this can be translated into the final design.

55. How do you keep roses alive longer in a vase?

Now you've received your gorgeous bouquet of roses, you will want to keep them as fresh for as long as possible. With the right care and attention, roses can last for weeks once they have been delivered. When you receive your flowers, carefully remove them from the packaging and cut the stems at an angle. Remove any thorns and leaves that may sit beneath the vase waterline. Removing these helps to keep the vase water free from any elements that can cause decay. Combine flower food with tap water before placing the solution and the flowers in a clean vase. Change the water and flower food solution every day. Be careful when choosing where to place your vase of roses. Too much heat and the flowers will dry out quickly. Therefore, place them away from any heat sources such as radiators or fires. Draughty areas are a no-no too. This is because draughts and breezes can cause the roses to lose their petals prematurely.

56. What are the cheapest flowers to buy in bulk?

When planning a big event, you will perhaps be aware of your budget. Flowers create a fantastic atmosphere at events and celebrations and provide the perfect natural decorations. Yet, decking out a venue with flowers can prove expensive. If you are on the hunt for the cheapest flowers for your event, there are some that are very affordable, especially when bought in bulk. The cheapest flowers to purchase in bulk are carnations. These pretty flowers are available in a variety of colours which means they can be extremely versatile. Occasionally, carnations can be overlooked in favour of other flowers that seem to be more elegant. Yet, the carnation is a beautiful bloom that adds flare to any venue. More importantly, carnations are the cheapest option, and you can therefore buy more flowers for your money should you select these blooms.

57. Where do most florists get their flowers?

There are three main sources from which florists can obtain their flowers. One of the places from which flowers can be sourced is from local growers. Florists may even grow their flowers to sell locally. By sourcing the flowers from local growers and flower farms, minimal travel is involved, and costs can be kept to a minimum. Flowers can also be sourced from flower auctions. These are commercial premises which supply vast quantities of flowers to florists all over the world. Flowers may also be bought from wholesalers. Florists will rise early to check out the flowers being provided at these wholesalers and to source the blooms they wish to buy for that day. These flowers will then be used to create the beautiful bouquets you buy from the florist.

58. What else can a florist sell in a flower shop?

Once upon a time, you may have only ever expected a flower shop to sell just flowers. However, things have progressed in years gone by, and florists now sell all manner of flower and gift-related items. It is sensible for florists to provide the option of vases alongside selling flowers. There may also be the option of purchasing extra flower food to maintain the freshness of the flowers. This means customers have everything they require to gift flowers to loved ones. Florists know that customers may want to send additional gifts with the flowers they select. Therefore, it isn't unusual for florists to offer teddies, chocolates, and alcohol to be purchased in addition to flowers. A florist can also sell potted plants, which is a great idea for keen gardeners or those that prefer plants to cut flowers.

59. What are the easiest cut flowers to grow?

If you fancy growing your flowers to cut and display in your home, there are some varieties that are easier to grow than others. One of the best is the sweet pea. This flower is perfect for those wanting to cut flowers regularly for their homes. Cutting sweet peas encourages more to grow, and these flowers make for pretty arrangements in assorted colours. The only downside to these flowers is that they tend to only last for between three to seven days once they have been cut. Lilies last for longer and provide a statement floral piece for your home. Remember to leave a third of the stem behind when you cut lilies so that they will regrow the following year. If you don't mind waiting a while, sunflowers are a great option for even the most novice of gardeners. These beautiful flowers are an instant pick me up, and their huge heads mean you only need a few to create a large display.

60. How do florists get their flowers?

Florists can source flowers in many ways. Some florists grow their own flowers on their own flower farms. By doing this, a florist will know precisely what flowers are in season and which flowers will be the best for their shop. Others visit flower markets and select the flowers they require from a huge selection available. These markets are open in the small hours, so florists need to get there early to get the best of the bunch. A wholesaler offers another option for florists. Here, flowers can be bought in bulk at discounted prices. There may be times when a florist will need to source their flowers from several different sources. This is particularly true when customers have a specific request for rarer or out of season flowers.