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Top 10 Flowers for Your Summer Garden
Tuesday, 14th May 2019

Top 10 Flowers for Your Summer Garden

Order Flower ArrangementAre you looking for some inspiration and advice about what flowers would look best in your summer garden? Discover how to make the most of your outdoor space with flowers, whether you have a tiny back yard or expansive garden with out list of top 10 flowers for your summer garden.


Children and adults alike adore sunflowers and what’s not to love about these flowers with their huge heads and tall stems? These are very easy to grow and require little attention but plenty of sunlight. Get the kids involved with planting the seeds in pots and get competitive by guessing whose will grow the tallest or the quickest. If you want to bring the sunshine into your home with these beautiful flowers but don’t want to take them from your garden, the good news is that it is inexpensive to have these particular types of flowers delivered to your home, especially if you choose flowers by post.

Garden Cosmos

These are the flowers for those who adore pink, crimson and white. The perennial Garden Cosmos can grow up to 5 feet high and is a beautiful option for your summer garden. This plant often self-sows and should be kept away from areas with rich soil.


These flowers are available in all manner of colours and are perfect for summers with infrequent rain and plenty of sunshine. As British summers can be unpredictable it may be wise to use these flowers for when entertaining rather than planting in the garden. Don’t worry though as this plant can easily be bought via flower delivery from an online flower shop, or from your local florist.

Mexican Sunflowers

Although sporting smaller heads and being less robust than Sunflowers, Mexican Sunflowers are just as vibrant and an excellent addition to any summer garden. This plant can grow up to around 8 feet tall and if deadheaded regularly can bloom throughout the summer months.

Common Zinnias

Summer Flowers DeliveryShould you be fortunate enough to boast a garden that catches the sun for most or all of the day, these plants will thrive in your outdoor space. These can be planted in borders or in pots and are an excellent choice for indoor floral decor too.


If gardening isn’t your thing, these flowers may be the perfect choice for you. Boasting multicoloured stems and vibrant petals, Daylilies require very little care and do well in most types of soil.


Although known for their golden and yellow hues, Marigolds are also available in reds and creams. Marigolds love the sun and can withstand a lot of heat making them perfect for the summer.


These big, beautiful blooms can take centre stage in a garden and their stunning pinks, blues, purples and even whites can last from as early as spring, through summer and until autumn. It is no wonder that these flowers are popular for contemporary summer weddings with florists inundated with requests for hydrangeas to feature in bridal bouquets and as table centre pieces.

LaFlower Delivery Servicevender

Add fragrance to your garden with this scented flower. Lavender plants enjoy full sun and require well-drained soil. This plant will attract plenty of birds and butterflies to your garden and so is perfect for those who enjoy watching the local wildlife as they sit in their garden.


Usually appearing in the first flush of summer, Peonies are a hardy plant with some bushes known to bloom on and off for over half a century.

All these types of plants can be bought from local or online flower shops and if you need them in a hurry for an event, all good florists will provide same day flower delivery or next day flower delivery.