Our Testimonials

For my daughters’ prom night, I ordered a gorgeous flower arrangement to be delivered alongside a stunning corsage. I called around, and this flower delivery service had the best quote. I am quite glad that I ordered from them as I heard some parents were grossly overcharged by a few of the local flower shops.
Rating: 5/5
Miranda Feldman, 21st Jul 2020
I had forgotten a very important anniversary, but I was able to have a lovely flower arrangement shipped to my flat within hours. You, guys, saved my marriage.
Rating: 5/5
Nick Lucas, 18th Jul 2020
When my beloved mum was still alive, she ordered fresh flowers from Handy Flowers. She would have them delivered to her flat several times a week. Now that she is gone, I make sure she always has a fresh bouquet at her resting place. She would not have settled for any other florist!
Rating: 4/5
Andrea S., 28th Jun 2020
I have been utterly obsessed with Handy Flowers arrangements ever since I received one of their beautiful bouquets for an anniversary. I now have them delivered to my flat every other week. They are fabulous.
Rating: 5/5
Tiana T., 3rd May 2020

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