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5 Trending Wedding Flower Themes in 2017
Wednesday, 10th May 2017

The wedding season has officially begun! We all know that flowers play a huge part in weddings and have been used traditionally for hundreds of years. They create a unique atmosphere which can set the mood for a very special occasion, such as the one on the big day. We have selected 5 of the most popular wedding flower themes that every bride-to-be will certainly love! They are all guaranteed to turn your wedding day into a real parade of romance, style and splendour!

1.    Theme: ROYALTY
       Flowers: Exquisite Orchids

Orchids are definitely one of the most sophisticated flowers that look fabulous in all kinds of wedding arrangements. Glamorous cascading bridal bouquets can be created out of orchids when combined with roses, anemone, lisianthus or gypsophila. You can rely on orchids when you want to bring an elegant and chic atmosphere to your wedding.

2.    Theme: ROMANCE
       Flowers: Romantic Red Roses

You want to go for a more romantic wedding theme? Then red roses are definitely the flowers that you should use. These traditional symbols of love and devotion have become one of the most preferred wedding flowers especially in the summer when roses are in full bloom. In 2017 red roses are still a trending choice for a classically romantic wedding theme.

3.    Theme: PURITY & ELEGANCE
       Flowers: Elegant White Roses

Other popular representative of the rose family, the purely elegant white rose, is also a trending option for all the weddings in 2017. Since the white rose is traditionally associated with the new beginning and marriage, lots of brides prefer to add a touch of extra purity and spirituality to their big day with the help of these elegant flowers.

       Flowers: Delightful Peonies

Peonies are also considered to symbolize a romantic love and thus fresh and vibrant peonies are also a widely preferred option for wedding flowers. If you are thinking of a “Garden theme” for your wedding, peonies are certainly the flowers that will create a simple but yet wonderfully romantic setting for the special occasion.

5.    Theme: FAIRYTALE
       Flowers: Graceful Liliums

There is something extremely dreamy and beautiful in liliums used in wedding floral arrangements. These flowers easily create a fairytale wedding feeling featuring lushness, beauty, elegance and of course, true romance.

Choosing the best flowers for your wedding depends on the wedding theme that you’ve selected. Think carefully what kind of feeling you want to bring to your wedding – a romantic, stylish or more exotic one? Don’t forget that flowers are used not only for the wedding decoration, bridal and bridesmaid bouquets. They are also used at the rehearsal dinner, for welcome gifts, thank you tokens, etc. Choose the most inspiring theme for your unique wedding and give it the WOW factor that it deserves.