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Types of Flowers You Should Send for Father's Day
Monday, 10th Jun 2019

Types of Flowers You Should Send for Father's Day

Father's Day Flowers and GiftsFathers deserve a gift they will love and if your dad, stepdad, grandad, or partner is a dad in a million, flowers could just be the perfect way to show your love. Any florist will tell you that it isn’t just women that adore a beautiful bouquet, and there are flowers that are simply perfect for this special occasion. Discover which flowers are on trend this year for Father’s Day and send the perfect blooms to the man who means the world to you.

Special Delivery!

Before you select what type of Father's Day flowers you are going to send, you need to set yourself a budget. If you are planning to send gifts to all the fathers and father figures in your life, then you will want to browse the most inexpensive blooms you can find. Rather than scour your local flower shop for bargain bouquets, check online as online florists are likely to be much cheaper than their high street counterparts. Flower delivery from an online company will definitely be cheaper, even when you choose same day or next day delivery. This swift delivery will come in handy if you have only realised that it is Father’s Day!

Flowers Delivered That Will Touch His Heart

It really is the thought that counts and if your dad has a favourite bloom, or there were flowers that you planted together as a child and you have fond memories of tending to them, let this be the inspiration for your floral choice. If possible, take a look at wedding photos to see what type of flowers your parents had at their wedding or ask relatives if they know which flowers your father may like.

Bright and Breezy

If dad is reluctant to admit he loves flowers, you can allow him to keep his secret by giving him a bouquet that is more jolly than feminine. Sunflowers are the perfect choice as they are large blooming flowers which make for the ideal table centrepiece. A combination of colours such as a blend of roses in red and white will go down well with men, especially if they are Manchester United supporters!

Father's Day Flowers


Succulent plants are hardy looking plants owing to their thick “leaves” and sometimes prickly areas. Succulents come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be very interesting to look at. Should you suspect that your dad or partner won’t be impressed with a bouquet of flowers, succulents are an option to consider as they are seen as being a very masculine plant. Although they usually don’t require a lot of water and are found in warmer climates, they do still need to be watered.

Flowers by Post

All sorts of flowers can be sent by post and this is a cost-effective option for those on a budget. Be careful to choose an online flower company that has the experience required to prepare bouquets for delivery, so they arrive in fantastic condition. Roses, sunflowers, freesias, orchids and many more different types of flowers can be sent by post, making it easy to choose the blooms you know your dad will love.

Flowers from All the Family

A really cute idea is to buy a bouquet for your partner and smaller versions from the children. If you want to make Father’s Day one to remember, get the whole family in on the act. You may want to buy a selection of large bouquets from each of you, or one large and assorted smaller posies from the children. Whatever combination you choose, your partner is sure to love the thoughtful floral gifts from you all.