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Top 5 Flower Combinations For A Gorgeous Valentine's Day Bouquet
Tuesday, 5th Feb 2019

We at Handy Flowers know how hard it can be to choose the perfect combination of colourful flowers for a perfect gift to your loved one for this special and romantic holiday! That’s why we decided to help you with couple of ideas from which flowers exactly the most beautiful bouquet must be made up of to leave your special person breathless just from the first sight! Because the best way to surprise and show how much you love and cherish your loved one is with a bunch of fresh, adorable hand-tied bouquet combined with a heart shaped balloon and luxury, delicious chocolate!

Roses and carnations

This alluring combination of roses and carnations will for

sure melt the heart of your soulmate! This combination is so gentle and

delicate in any way that will leave your special person wordless and mesmerized.

Make sure that the flowers are fresh as much as possible! We think that you will

agree that there isn’t anything more beautiful and vibrant than a bunch of fresh

and full of colours flowers!

Roses and lilies

This combination is suitable for a person which has a mild and sensitive character.

The roses give a passionate and vibrant touch to the bouquet while the lilies give

the opposite perception. They give a gentle, beautiful and sensitive final touch to

the bouquet. If you want to express your soulmate but in a gentle and sweet way,

we recommend this gorgeously combination!

Lilies, roses and germinis

This is the most vibrant and full of positive vibes combination of all! The lilies give

 this soft and mild look to the bouquet, while the roses express your deep love and

passion for your loved one. And finally the germinis give this positive feeling and

happiness to the whole arrangement. This arrangement is perfect for a person

which has the pure and innocent childish part of his character which he managed

to keep it along the years.

Hydrangea, roses and bouvardia

This sweet and unique combination is the most universal of all, it’s suitable for any type

of character that you can think of! Everyone will love it, from the reckless (in the good way)

to the most shy and gentle person will be stunned for sure. Bear in mind that for the most

stunning reaction of your special person the flowers have to be as fresh as possible!

White and red roses

The combination of white and red roses is the most heartwarming of all! It’s a

classic arrangement which is perfect, if you want to be sure that your soulmate

will get that passion message! This bouquet will express the message ‘I love you!’

or ‘I am crazy over you!’ in the most gentle and unique way possible.

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a gorgeous bouquet which will make this romantic holiday an unforgettable one! We hope that these couple of ideas for flower combinations inspired you to choose the most perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet for your soulmate! If you choose one of this ideas, we guarantee you that your gift will be the most perfect that you can imagine!