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7 Signs That You Are Perfect for Each Other
Friday, 10th Feb 2017

In the most romantic month of all we want to pay special attention to one of the greatest phenomena of our lives - the very exciting and sweetly romantic LOVE that gives meaning to everything and brings a smile on your face even in the darkest day. Finding your soulmate may sound a little cliché to you but we at Handy Flowers believe that finding that missing piece to make your love life perfect is simply inevitable. Here we’ve selected 7 of the most significant signs that show you and your partner make the perfect couple and that your love is worth all the efforts.

1.    You don’t keep any secrets

You feel free to talk about everything with your partner. You speak about all of your interests, discuss all of your issues and share each other’s dreams for the future.

2.    You laugh a lot together

You love spending time together and this is the happiest time of the day. You just love your partner’s sense of humour and enjoy sharing even the silliest jokes with them.

3.    You feel like yourselves when you are together

After spending your day at work behaving at certain manner, all you want to do is go home and spend time with your partner, take off that fancy suit and dress in your pajamas – simply enjoying being your imperfect self.

4.    You inspire each other

You inspire each other to achieve your goals, to fight for your dreams and simply be better people.

5.    The other’s happiness is very important to both of you

Whenever you feel that your partner is feeling low, you do everything to cheer them up. Be it with a wonderful surprise gift or a lovely bouquet of the freshest flowers, you enjoy showing your love and devotion in every way.

6.    You know you can count on each other

In good and bad times, you are always there for each other. Each time you need someone to turn to, you know they’ve got your back.

7.    You respect each other

You not only love each other, you respect each other. You admire each other’s skills, tolerate your differences and solve problems together.

    These are just 7 of the signs that show you make a very good couple. If you need any help with #5 we at Handy Flowers will be glad to help you deliver love, joy and pure happiness to the love of your life by arranging a glamorous bouquet of your choice and delivering it to London, Oxford, Birmingham, Cornwall and many other UK destinations.