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The Secret Meanings Of Your Favourite Flowers
Thursday, 10th Nov 2016

Have you ever wondered what the story behind your favourite flower is? Do you want to know its hidden meaning? Flowers can convey different feelings and so they can be used as a secret language of a sort. Here you can see some of the most favourite flowers of all and what each of them has to say to the person they are given to. Use these few suggestions below the next time you need the perfect flower for a certain occasion.

Hyacinth - I Am Sorry/Forgive Me

    Hyacinth, the long plant with the blossoming dome of petals, is available in much more than the iconic purple. Hyacinth can be found in all ranges of pinks, lilacs and peaches for a stunning bouquet; what’s more, it symbolises an apology and asking for forgiveness. Let’s hope you never need these, but if you do need to apologise and can’t quite say it well enough with words, a bouquet of Hyacinth is exactly what you need instead.

Roses (Mature) - Gratitude

    If you’re in desperate need to display sincere gratitude to someone, the perfect bouquet is a bouquet of mature red roses. Delicate rose petals may signify love and romance, but fully blossomed roses correlate with gratuity and thanks. Such an elaborate bouquet is the perfect embodiment of a grand statement to express a heart-felt thank you, and such iconic flowers will take centre stage in the receiver’s home as a proud statement of particularly selfless and generous acts. If you need a simple yet meaningful gift to express genuine thanks, a mature bouquet of roses is just what you need.


Sweet Pea - Goodbye

    Sweet Peas are delightfully coloured, bright and bold petals in a delicate arrangement, growing in shades of vibrant purple and pink. As such a pretty floral arrangement they serve as a great gift to bid farewell or goodbye to someone. These small flowers inject a massive burst of colour, so are great to leave behind after staying with a friend or visiting relatives. Even a small bouquet will add a vibrant splash of life, which is a fantastic contrast to the lingering sense of silence felt after a busy home has had guests who have now said goodbye. Apart from a gesture acting as a thank you, the particular meaning of Sweet Peas means they signify the essence of a goodbye or farewell. Perhaps you are leaving the office and wish to leave a heartfelt reminder, or have a friend who will be moving, making it harder to see them as often as you’d like. A pleasant bunch of these flowers will soon have them remembering the good times, injecting life and colour into the home as well as awaiting the return of a loved one.

    Was this information interesting and helpful to you? By learning the meanings of these and other flowers you can not only communicate through gifting them, but will also be able to get the message in case you are the recipient of a beautiful bouquet. Flower language is a subtle yet beautiful way to express your feelings, gratitude or appreciation towards someone and you should learn how to use this communication medium to its full potential.