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Flower Arranging for Beginners
Wednesday, 23rd Nov 2016

    If you are a florist at heart but you are now making your first steps into the world of flower arranging, here you can find very useful information on which flowers can be combined together to create the most magical flower display! You can easily turn your home into the most amazingly decorated place by choosing the right combination of vibrant colours and stunning flowers. There is a variety of flowers that you can add to your floral arrangement. You can go for lavish red roses, elegant white lilies, fresh chrysanthemums, regal orchid, etc. The tips below will definitely help you create a real masterpiece out of the flowers that you just cut from your garden or received as a gift.

1. Combinations of flowers

    When it comes to arranging flowers, the most important thing is to know which flowers can be combined together in a way that will make them look both elegant and attractive. You can go for a fresh and simple combination of seasonal flowers such as tulips and daffodils or go for something a little bit more classy and elegant such as a combination of red roses and exquisite white lilies. In order to make your floral arrangement a real piece of art, you can use larger flowers such as lilies, gladioli or orchids which should be placed in the center. Smaller flowers such as chrysanthemums, lisianthus, freesias and carnations should be placed around the larger flowers to create a beautiful flower display. Use statice flowers, gypsophila, ruscus, eucalyptus leaves and all kinds of lush greens to fill in the extra spaces.

2. Combinations of colours

    The right combination of colours is also essential for creating a glamorous look of your floral arrangement. A mix of cherry red, cheerful orange and sunny yellow germinis can certainly bring joy and positive energy to even the darkest room. If you want to create more peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, you can go for blue and violet shades. A flower arrangement made from purple hyacinths, tulips and hydrangeas will create a cozy feeling of tranquility in your home.
    It is up to you to choose the colours that will make you feel happier every time you see your bouquet! You can even create a floral arrangement using all colours of the rainbow to add to its interesting design. An idea that will definitely impress all of your guests!

3. Choose the perfect flower container

    Creating a beautiful floral display is impossible without the use of a suitable flower container. An elegant vase can help you create the perfect look of your arrangement!

    As you can see, flower arranging is not that hard. You just need to use your creativity and intuition to create eye-catching flower displays that will bring life to your home and joy to your heart!