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Floral Arrangement Ideas for Summer Parties
Monday, 1st Jul 2019

Add a Special Touch to Your Special Event

Summer Flowers by PostWith summer in full bloom (if you’ll pardon the pun!) people are dusting off their garden chairs and barbecues and enjoying the long summer nights in their gardens and back yards. If you are planning a few get-togethers over the summer and want to make the most of your outdoor space, take a look at these great floral arrangement ideas for summer parties that will add that extra special touch to your alfresco event.

Flower Garlands

Bunting is so 2018, but floral garlands are the on-trend decor you need in your life. Flower garlands provide a simple way to create a party vibe using just some twine and plenty of summer flowers. Should you have a garden that is abundant in blooms, select your flowers from here. However, if you want to preserve the flowers in your garden or you simply don’t have any, order in bulk from an online flower shop to save money.  If you have a small outdoor area, cut several pieces of twine to the length and a half of your garden or yard to allow for some slack when you hang the garlands. Cut the flowers so they have a six-inch stem and sort them into groups of three or four. Tie these groups of flowers in intervals on your garland.

Floral Lanterns

Instead of putting candles in lanterns, use flowers to create show-stopping decorations for your garden party or barbecue. You can pick up garden lanterns fairly cheap at local stores or garden centres and even florists. Again, to save money, have flowers delivered in bulk to your home, rather than purchasing them from your local florist. Take a selection of flowers and arrange them inside the lanterns by placing them in small containers of water and inserting them into the lanterns. There are many ways to present these lanterns, for example, by placing them on the table or by stringing them up garland-style across your garden fences.

Flower Place Settings

It may just be a casual barbecue with a few friends and family, but why not make everyone feel special with their very own floral place setting? Opt for wildflowers from your garden or one of the local flower shops, and tie some in a tiny bunch with ribbon with each guest’s name written on a card tied to this sweet floral display. Plan in advance and choose same day flower delivery or next day flower delivery so you have no need to rush out to buy them when you have so many other things to organise.

Summer Flowers DeliveredA Floral Chandelier

When holding a garden party in a marquee or a gazebo, make the transition from interior to garden seamless by inviting the blooms inside the entertainment area. Floral chandeliers can be made using a huge bouquet of flowers tied together with long-stemmed flowers and then hung upside down in the centre of the marquee.


If you are hosting a child’s garden party a pinata is a must! Make things a little different and more environmentally friendly by substituting the confetti that accompanies the sweets inside these fun items, with flowers. As the pinata is opened, flowers and petals falling from it will be a beautiful and unexpected surprise, not to mention a biodegradable alternative to paper confetti!

With these simple, yet effective arrangement ideas, your summer party is sure to be a blast. Make it even easier by selecting flower delivery to your home the day before the party so you can get on with other flower arrangements as you wait for your blooms to be delivered.