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Choosing the right new home flowers
Thursday, 28th Feb 2019

When friends and family move into a new home, you may be undecided as to what to give as a gift. Ornaments, crockery, pots and pans, and even soft furnishing are all popular gifts, but unless you know precisely the tastes of the new home dwellers, you could be throwing away your money on an unwanted present. Flowers are almost always a welcome gift and if you are a little strapped for cash, are the perfect affordable gesture. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to gifting flowers, read on for our top tips on choosing the right new home flowers.

Pet and baby friendly flowers

This title may be a little surprising to some, as you may not have realised that the pollen and petals from some flowers can make pets and babies ill. Some flowers have even been known to be fatal if ingested, and so it important to do thorough research if you are purchasing flowers for a family, or pet-friendly home. Flowers that are considered to be the least harmful are roses, the gerbera daisy, orchids, sunflowers, and petunias. You may want to steer clear of any flowers that have a tendency to easily stain, such as lilies, unless of course you know this to be a favourite flower of whom will be receiving the gift.

Seasonal blooms

If you are unsure of the colour scheme of the new home, it can be difficult to purchase 

a bouquet that will match the new home. Rather than worrying about buying flowers

that will match the home, consider getting blooms that match the season.

Bright yellows and oranges are perfect colours for a summer house-warming gift,

and reds and golds will accentuate the autumnal and winter home. For spring, daisies

and daffodils are delightful options.

Absent friends

When your friends are having a housewarming party that you cannot attend owing to other obligations, show them you care by having flowers delivered to their new home. There are reputable florists that can ensure your chosen flowers arrive in perfect condition by offering a flowers by post service. Boxed flowers can be carefully prepared for transit and flower shops that provide this service will make sure the flowers provided are appropriate for flower delivery via post. Having flowers delivered in this way is a thoughtful manner in which to congratulate your friends or relatives on their new home, and you can even choose same day flower delivery or next day flower delivery to ensure your gift arrives promptly and in time for the house warming celebrations.

Flowers for your partner

For those in a relationship, you may be pondering what gift to give to your partner

when they move into a new home. Flowers are the ideal gift, especially romance flowers

such as roses. Team your floral present with a gift befitting of a new home truly romantic

accompaniment to flowers would be a framed photograph of you both to take pride of

place in your partner’s new home.

Even cheap flowers can look great

As someone on a budget, you may be panicking about attending a house-warming get together. Beautiful flowers needn’t be expensive and certain online florists offer excellent prices on bouquets that you can have delivered to your home which you can then take to the new home, or you can have delivered directly to the lucky recipient. Flowers are the failsafe gift to present at a housewarming and are less expensive than many other typical housewarming gifts. Look out for an online florist that not only offers great deals on bouquets but also provides the option of extra gifts at little extra cost.