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Top 5 Gardens you must visit in UK
Wednesday, 16th Jan 2019

Step Inside 5 of the Most Beautiful Gardens in the UK

The best place to relax and take a break from the whole world are the parks and gardens. Nature helps you take off your mind from every problem that you have, at least for a bit. The fresh air and the fresh and colourful flowers and trees creates a peaceful and relaxing environment. Every nature lover will for sure fall in love and enjoy every second in these gorgeous and magnificent parks!

We know how much time it costs to plan where to go sightseeing and which places will be the best for you, that’s why we decided to give you some ideas which gardens are a must to see!

Here are the top 5 gardens you must visit:

Mottisfont Abbey Garden

This is one of the biggest parks in the UK that you shouldn’t miss! This big and gorgeous garden surrounds a house and also an art gallery which makes it even more attractive for tourist all over the world. You must see the Walled Garden with its old-fashioned roses that will take your breath away with their beauty! Make sure you visit it in June to make sure that you see how the roses come into bloom. With its wide lawns, trees and different varieties of colourful flowers makes the Mottisfont Abbey Garden one of the most beautiful, spectacular places which have at the same time relaxing and historical atmosphere.

RHS Garden Wisley

RHS Garden Wisley is one of the most beautiful and spectacular gardens that you shouldn’t miss! It will charm you just from the first sight with its mixed flower borders including woodland. Make sure you don’t miss the Glasshouse, it will leave you breathless with its unique jingle of exotic flowers and palms. This house is a home of hundreds of beautiful orchid species and rare plants.

Hill Garden and Pergola

This garden is very well hidden and detached from the daily routine of the big city. It’s a great opportunity to escape from everyday traffic and stress and it will help you relax and find your inner peace! You can make a lovely walk through the vines and see tons of fresh and colourful exotic flowers of the Arts and Crafts garden. This garden is a must to see with it’s spectacular and amazing views which will leave you breathless right away!

The Beth Chatto Gardens

If you are a garden lover then this is the place for you! Make sure to visit it because you will be very charmed from the hidden beauty if the park. This garden was entirely renovated around the 1960s and turned from a wasteland into a stunning full of rich varieties of fresh and colourful plants and flowers which will leave you wordless! You can see plants which are grown in any condition that you can imagine! To sum up, if you love the wild nature and fresh air, this garden is perfect for you!

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

If you are looking for an exciting place to visit with your family and friends, The Lost Gardens of Heligan will be very interesting for all people from children to adults! You shouldn’t miss the woodland sculptures of Mudmaid, clamber over a bridge that hangs across the jungle canopy and Giant’s Head. This garden will leave your family only fun and amusing memories of this unforgettable trip!

We hope that we were helpful with these ideas for a lovely, exciting walk through these beautiful gardens, full of fresh and colourful flowers which will transfer you into other magnificent world. So pack your bags and get moving!