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Top 10 Flowers For Your Office
Monday, 12th Sep 2016

businesswomanBringing some calming and beautiful flowers to the office can really enhance the overall appearance of the working space, while improving the indoor air quality. Plants are also known for reducing stress and fostering creativity. Ideally the best greenery for an office is one that requires little care and can thrive in almost any environment. If you want to add a green touch to your desk, you can try these office-friendly flowers.

1. Peace Lilly

No green thumb? No problem. This die-hard plant will survive even the most negligent owner. Peace Lily is a popular choice for an office plant because it requires little care. However, the proper growing conditions are essential to have thriving and healthy greenery. Peace Lilies enjoy warm environment and medium to low light. If you want your plant to flower more, make sure to keep it exposed to the sun.

2. Orchids

Orchids are an amazing flower delivery option, but they also make great office plants. These elegant flowers don’t require crazy amounts of light and should be watered only when they dry out. In their perfect environment, orchids can flowers more than once a year. However even without their colourful buds, their beautiful green leaves set a peaceful tone in any room.

3. African Violet

African Violets will decorate your desk with stunning and fragrant blooms all year round. They are among the easiest to grow flowers and come in sheer varieties and forms – from simple violet flowers to ruffled foliage and white-edged blooms. African violet likes warm environment, but it can’t tolerate direct sun. When you water the plant, avoid getting any liquid on the leaves.

4. Magnolia Tree

If you are sneezing or you have runny nose all the time, then magnolia is the perfect flower for your desk. The greenery can bring temporary relief from common allergy symptoms like nasal congestion, itchiness and watery eyes. You can grow magnolia tree in a wooden box on your desk. Some of the species suitable for indoor growth include southern magnolia, ann magnolia and star magnolia. There ornamental plants will grow well in a sunny and sheltered spot.

5. Marigolds

With its upbeat yellow and orange shades, marigolds can add a little colour to the sometimes dreary office space. These beauties will grow best in a sunny and warm location during the winter. In the spring and summer time they come in handy as a natural mosquito repellent.

6. Daisy

Did you know that daisies are found almost anywhere on Earth (except Antarctica)? So why not bring some of these cute flowers into your office as well? With their pretty, long-lasting blooms and bright green foliage they will spruce up your work corner.

7. Baby’s Breath

Florists usually use these gems in bridal bouquets and flower arrangements. You can easily grow them indoors as long as you provide them with enough sunlight and sweet or alkaline soil. After they grow, the baby’s breath flowers can be cut and stored for bouquets.

8. Jasmine

Although there are many types of jasmine, the Arabian jasmine and the many-flowers jasmine are some of the easiest to grow. Give them plenty of water and light and in return they will provide you with beautiful white or pink blooms and unique fragrance. You can shop these flowers online or check the local plant nursery.

9. Streptocarpus

Streptocarpus is a common house plant, but it can make a lovely fit on your desk as well. These sturdy plants can be found on rocky cliffs and hillsides and prefer lots of light and barely moist soil. So when in your office, ensure it has an adequate amount of water to keep blooming, so it can colour the room with its beauty.

10. Azalea

This flower is not only joy to the eyes, but also a powerful air purifier. All you need to do is to keep you azalea cool and moist. Azaleas can come in a variety of sizes, and colours. They make a beautiful outside plant, for your office balcony, or a lovely corner plant for the office interior.

With so many to choose from, which would be your top 3 picks?

Not а fan of plants or you find it too difficult to care for them? These Letterbox picks can bring colour and bloom into your office without the need for special care knowledge. All you need is a vase and water.