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The Most Popular Summer Flowers
Tuesday, 21st May 2019

The Most Popular Summer Flowers

Flowers Delivered in LondonSummer is a time of bounty in any garden. The flowers grow to well-nourished blossoms. So that you can get the garden of your dream, here are garden beauties that thrive in summer heat and bloom nonstop into fall. All that they need is care and for sure they will produce stunning blooms that you will enjoy throughout the summer season. If you are not an avid gardener you can order them from a florist and enjoy them for a long period of time.

1. Dahlia

Arguably, there is no flower you can grow that will reward you with more blooms for as little work as Dahlia. Just imagine in a single season, it will thrive as full and mature as a rose bush. Usually, they open their blooms towards summer’s end. Nowadays, you can find them in numerous varieties that include:

•    Sizes.
•    Colours.
•    Unexpected flower shapes.

The hardest task here is deciding which cultivar should grace your garden. They are all time productive, therefore be ready with garden shears on hand. Overall, they are easy to grow. Many florists use them to decorate outdoor events and summer weddings.

2. Gloriosa Daisy

They are popular for their deep down centres. Also, they are known to grow quickly while at the same time they don’t require much care. You will come across biennials and annuals though most of the varieties are perennials. Most flower shops offer them in gorgeous flower arrangements even in fall.

Summer Flower Arrangements3. Bougainvillaea

They are flowering machines. You can’t beat them for an explosion of colours. Bougainvillea is the best for you if you live in a temperate climate. Depending on the variety, it can either be grown in containers and as bonsai. For the last couple of years, it has proved to be the most amazing bloom you can grow. So that they can grow and bloom, they love sun.

4. Sunflower

As for now, it is one of the most popular flower out there. They have yellow flowers and tall stems and which seems to be capable of bringing a smile to anyone who passes by. Their head moves throughout the day. Some species are cultivated for their spectacular size and flower heads. Helianthus tuberous is cultivated for its edible underground tubers. Usually, leaves are used as fodder while the seeds are a reliable source of healthy oil.

5. Marigold

They have bright golden flowers that flourish all summer long. Being a vibrant and cheerful herbaceous flower, it is available in more than 50 varieties. Similar to many summer flowers, marigold thrives in well-drained soil and full sunlight. Throughout their growing seasons, they don’t demand much care.

Summer Flowers by Post6. Peony

The flowering plants in the family Paeoniaceae are known for their showy blossoms. There are two groups of peonies: moutan and herbaceous. Their delicate flowers appear to have shades of pink. In most cases, they will bloom all year yet without much care. Besides adding a colourful scene to gardens, peonies are an impressive addition to the bouquet of cut flowers. Florists use them when arranging birthday flowers, gift for women and romance flowers.


Summer flowering plants signal a golden season of sunny weather and warm climate. They boast a lovely colour collection. Indeed if you want to impress someone, they will make a great flower arrangement for any occasion.