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Stunning Summer Flower Arrangements You Can Do Yourself
Wednesday, 5th Jun 2019

Stunning Summer Flower Arrangements You Can Do Yourself

Fresh Flowers DeliveredHas the sight of all these beautiful summer flowers in bloom got you feeling creative? Perhaps you fancy trying your hand at flower arranging but are unsure where exactly to start. Take a look at our wonderful ideas and be inspired by our collection of stunning summer flower arrangements you can do yourself. Whether you use flowers from your own garden, or arrange to have flowers delivered to your home, you can use our ideas to create your very own floral arrangements in your home and garden.

Upcycling Old or Unused Objects

If, during your spring cleaning, you took on larger projects such as refitting your bathroom or kitchen, you may have been left with sinks that you no longer use. A fantastic way to reuse sinks is to fill them with soil and compost and to plant flowers and bulbs in them. These re-purposed plant pots can brighten up small backyards and are perfect for paved yards that don’t have grassy areas in which to grow flowers. Find flowering bulbs at your local flower shop or garden centre and ask which type of soil and compost would be best for the particular plants you choose. Old wellington boots, especially child-sized boots can make for charming plant pots too, just ensure you pierce holes in the soles for appropriate drainage. Get creative and use objects that you would otherwise throw out and make your garden or yard a pretty oasis of unusually presented blooms.

Summer Flower DeliveryIndoor Upcycling

Items such as wellington boots and old sinks are more suited to outdoor arrangements, but you can also upcycle objects to use for indoor floral arrangements. Slightly chipped or faded jugs make excellent vases, and unused bowls can be used to float flowers heads in water for pretty table centre pieces. Old jam jars and smaller jugs can be used to arrange one or two types of flowers, and if you have several small jugs, consider bulk flower delivery or flowers by post so you can have several stems of the same type of flower arranged around the home. Larger jugs can hold bigger bouquets and look beautiful with many different types of blooms inside.

Arranging Flowers in Jugs and Jars

Flower food, or bleach and sugar can prolong the appearance of your flowers so add a little flower food bought from your local florists or a combination of a few drops of bleach bleach and one teaspoon spoonful of sugar to water in the jug or jar. Begin your arrangement with the smallest flowers and green leaves around the edge. Trimming the stems at a diagonal can ensure the plants have the best access to the water and flower food mixture. Build up the arrangement with longer stemmed flowers before filling in with the tallest of your flowers. It is advisable to change the water daily to keep your flowers fresh and vibrant for longer.

Buy Flower BouquetTeacup Bouquets

Use old teacups and saucers to showcase dainty floral displays for a garden party or at a lunch with friends. If you don’t have any teacups and saucers, scour charity shops and second-stores as you will be sure to find some there. Pour some cool water and flower food into each cup and fill them with budding pink roses and sprigs of gypsophila for a fresh, fragrant look. Ask your local florist which fillers would complement the flowers you choose to place in the teacups to ensure you get a cohesive look.

It is best to use flowers that have been freshly cut, but if you don’t have flowers growing in your garden and you can’t get to your local flower shops, there are other ways to ensure you use fresh flowers. Consider purchasing flowers via next day flower delivery or same day flower delivery so your flowers arrive quickly.