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4 Themes for the Best Summer Party
Friday, 28th Jul 2017

Looking for a fun and original theme for your next party? A theme that will impress all of your guests and turn you into the most creative party host this year? Look no further, as we are presenting you 4 amazing ideas that will certainly inspire you to start planning a special event right away. Enjoy!

1. Mexican Fiesta

FOOD: Burritos, tacos, salsa, guacamole, tortillas
DRINKS: Margaritas, pina colada
DECORATION: Piñata, sombreros, colored margarita glasses, maracas
COLORS: Red, yellow, orange, pink and purple
FLOWERS: Sunflowers, roses, gerberas, lilies

A cheerful Mexican feel can definitely get all of your amigos enjoying the party. Sun-kissed sunflowers, spicy red roses, hot orange gerberas and stylish lilies are just amazing for a Mexican Party floral decoration. Use as many colors as you want, serve tasty and spicy food, and complement it with ice cold mexican cocktails.

2. Hawaiian Party

FOOD: Lots of fruits, pineapple salsa, pina colada cupcakes, papaya and avocado salad
DRINKS: Exotic cocktails
DECORATION: Garlands of flowers, grass skirts, coconut cups, palm leaves, surf boards, starfishes, bamboo torches
COLORS: Blue, green, yellow, orange
FLOWERS: Orchids, hibiscus, plumeria

Bring Hawaiian beaches to your home by throwing a cheerful summer party. Add as many exotic ornaments as possible, play some relaxing island music and serve lots of fresh, fruity dishes. Don't forget the flower garlands and grass skirts which will definitely steal the show!

3. Western (Cowboy) Party

DRINKS: Iced tea, lemonade, punch
DECORATION: Lanterns, straw bales, barrel glasses, western boots, cowboy hats, cactus standee
COLORS: Brown, orange, white, red
FLOWERS: Sunflowers, cactuses, poppy flower

Step into the wild by creating an unique rustic atmosphere for your next party. Put your western boots and cowboy hat on and you are half way there. Take out the barbecue, light the fire pit, place a vase of sunflowers on each table and you have it - the Western party that everyone will be talking about.

4. Hollywood Party

FOOD: Cupcakes, tarts, bruschettas, popcorn
DRINKS: Fancy cocktails
DECORATION: Award statuettes, movie clapboards, sparkling curtains, red carpet, tissue poms
COLORS: Red, gold and silver
FLOWERS: Roses, peonies, lilies

In case you want to organize a special and elegant night party for your friends, then you should definitely go for a Hollywood party. This party is not only for movie-lovers but also for everyone who likes dressing up, drinking fancy coctails and enjoying glamorous floral table centerpieces.

The best thing about theme parties is that you can get as creative as you want. There are no limits to the venues as you can turn each place into a scene from a movie with the right decoration and lots of imagination. We hope some of these ideas will inspire you to host the most amusing and original party this year!