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Celebrating the British Fashion at LFW 2017
Wednesday, 22nd Feb 2017

London is undoubtedly one of the most famous “fashion capitalsin the world along with Milan, Rome, Paris, New York, etc.  Being such an influential city in fashion these days, it is no surprise that London Fashion Week provokes so much interest and inspiration not only in Londoners but also in everyone who is into fashion.

What exactly is London Fashion Week?

London Fashion Week is an event that takes place in the capital city of UK twice a year - in February and September. It is a global showcase of diverse collections that are presented in advance to the press and the buyers. Lots of talented designers are presenting their newest collections which vary in style and vision, having the chance to make their brands more popular and recognizable.

The importance of LFW

Although fashion industry contributes a lot to the UK’s economy, the importance of the London Fashion Week is definitely going beyond that. It gives a chance to a lot of talented designers and fashion icons to show their inspirational collections. The stage of LFW encourages cultural diversity, talent and uniqueness. It is a global display not only of fashion but also of British heritage and style.

Handy Flowers’ participation at LFW 2017

Handy Flowers was a proud sponsor of the London Ethnic Showcase for LFW 2017 which took place in Westminster Palace on 16th February. We were very excited to decorate the catwalk runway and guest tables so they could complement perfectly the glamorous models and the special guests. Our floral wall was a real masterpiece which attracted the attention of all of the guests who were taking photo after photo in front of it.

As we believe that flowers and fashion go hand in hand, it was our great pleasure to take part in this inspirational event and we are ready for the next exciting event to come!