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How To Organize The Best Hen Party Ever!
Wednesday, 30th May 2018

Expert Tips for Planning The Best Hen Party

At Handy Flowers, we enjoy taking care of our brides-to-be providing them with the best floral range to suit their preferences. However, we can't forget about the other most important girls except from the bride - all her beautiful bridesmaid. Organizing a hen party can be exciting but also a bit stressful, so we decided to make a list of best ideas to get you started with all the planning.

1. Bride will know best!

Although the hen party is kind of a surprise party for the bride, don't hesitate to confirm the details with her. For example, let her aprove of the guest list or help you decide on the date. Ask her if she has any preferences of the location or activities. After all, who wants a bitter bride at the party, right?

2. Save the date

Pick a date that all the guests will find convenient (or at least the most of them). You can set up a group chat online to discuss it. Find out who are the girls that are the closest to the bride and make sure they are all aware and pleased with the date. It is always a good idea to choose a date at least one week prior to the wedding so the bride and the guests can "recharge" for the big day!

3. Decide on the perfect location

Whether it is a fun gathering at someone's house, a crazy party at a nightclub, or even an exciting city break - do your research carefully! Make a list of the best places to go and which ones to avoid at all cost. Thoughtfully chosen location might be the key to organizing the most unforgettable hen party!

4. Plan the activities

Once you've selected the perfect location, start planning all the fun activities that will take place during the party. Choose the activities to best suit all the guests no matter what their age is. Consider if there are pregnant women or elderly relatives among the group and then start planning. You can also include some day time activities to make the bride and the bride's crew feel extra special. That could be a day in the spa, some beauty treatments or even an afternoon tea party.

5. Decorate the venue

Party decoration is guaranteed to set the mood for a fantastic celebration! Go for some sparkling balloons, hen party confetti, colourful garlands, paper lanterns, pom poms, team bride crowns and badges, floral headbands and corsages, gorgeous table arrangements, etc.

6. Set a realistic budget

Keep an eye on the budget of the group. Being in charge of organizing the party, it is essential for you to set a reasonable budget so that all of the participants could pay their share. The earlier you plan the budget,the sooner you would be able to collect all the money.

7. Have fun!

No matter where the party is taking place, who is invited or what activities are planned, don't forget the most important step of making the day truly special - HAVE FUN & ENJOY THE CELEBRATIONS!