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Happy Father's Day!
Friday, 16th Jun 2017

Father's Day is not only the day we celebrate our loving dads but it is also a day to honour the masculinity, care and strenght all fathers bring to their families. Nothing can compare to the love and support dads give to their children and wives. That is why we at Handy Flowers want to help you celebrate that special day by giving you some cool ideas on how to sursprise your father and make his day truly amazing.

1. Go to see a movie together

Spending more time with your dad will certainly mean the world to him. Time is the most precious thing you can give to your father. No matter if you go to see a movie together, go to a concert or just take him out for a drink, those moments will always take a very special place in your dad's heart.

2. Take him to a baseball game

If your dad is into sports, it will be a really great idea to take him to a football game, baseball game or any other sport event he might be interested in.

3. Send him a lovely card with a special message

Don't just buy a card with a written (standard) message in it. Better think of something to write yourself - a message that will be personal, touching and creative. A personal message will surely bring a smile on his face!

4. Send him beautiful "Thank You" flowers

Flowers always convey a very special meaning and are a great way to say how much you love your one and only dad. Popular colours for a father's day bouquet are blue, yellow and white. You can go for a fresh blue hydrangea, sunny sunflowers or elegant white lilies. No matter what you choose, flowers will surely deliver your loving feelings, warm thoughts and good wishes.

5. Get him the thing he is always talking about

You've probably heard your dad talking a lot about a certain thing recently. He might be commenting on the new barbecue tools your neighbours got, or about that advertisement of a nice leather wallet that he saw in the maganize. What better time to show you’ve listened. Buying your dad a gift that he really wants is a great way to show him how important he is to you.

Father's Day is a wonderful day to show your dad that you appreciate all of his efforts and thank him for all his love, dedication and care. No matter what gift you choose, make sure you spend enough time with him and create some special moments to warm his heart.

Thank you DADS for being our greatest heroes!