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Tricks for Taking Flower Photos Like a Professional Photographer
Thursday, 25th May 2017

Tips for Improving Your Flower Photos

With all the social medias that have become a big part of our lives, it's no surprise that people always strive to take better pictures of all the places they go to, of every special ocassion they attend, of any fun party, etc. That is why we decided to make a quick guide of some useful tips that will help you become a real master when shooting... flowers, of course. Whether we are talking about the flowers you receive in the form of a lovely hand-crafted bouquet or the stunning flowers that grow in your garden, all of these inspiring beauties make a wonderful set for a really creative photo shoot.

1. Focus on the main subject

Composing the image in a right way is essential when you want to accentuate the beauty of your flowers. Don't risk losing the main object in a messy and distracting background. Don't forget that flowers are the star of the photo so they should be the main focus of any image.

2. Come as close as possible

Macro lens might be your new best friend! They surely will allow you to get closer to the blooming flowers and not lose the focus in the same time. The flowers will appear closer to the viewer's eye which combined with the depth of the photo will increase the attractiveness of the image.

3. Don't be afraid to show more

The surrounding area around the flowers might actually add to the beauty of the images by making them more interesting and creative. If your surrounding includes a stream with crystal clear water or an entire field of fresh and vibrant flowers, don't miss to add them to your photo! Always look at the bigger picture before taking a photo, you never know what you can find!

4. Add water drops

It might sound too simple to have any effect, but trust us - adding a few drops of water on the flower petals will definitely make them appear fresher, more interesting and even dramatic. This very simple technique can really do the magic for you!

5. Make wind your friend

It is undobtedly hard for most photographers to take the perfect picture when nature is in their way. Although heavy raining or snowing might be hard to handle, wind can actually help you accomplish an impressive results when shooting. Your photos will certainly look more dynamic and artistic.

6. Shoot at different angles

Changing your perspective might be the key to the best shot! This might include laying down on the ground or getting up very high in order to find the most interesting angle and make the most creative picture!

These are the basics of taking flower photos that we hope will help you create unique images which will stand out and inspire all of their viewers. Flowers are one of the most delicate and beautiful things in the world so their beauty should definitely be captured in the best possible way!