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DIY Flower Arrangements: The Ultimate Guide to Professionally Designed Floral Displays
Wednesday, 29th Mar 2017

Have you always wondered how do professional florists prepare such amazing floral arrangements that impress with style and beauty? Our florists from Handy Flowers reveal the secret of flower arranging so that you can have some fun at home while creating magnificent floral displays. Here is a quick guide to show you the right way of preparing and arranging the flowers:

1.    What you will need:

In order to start flower arranging you need to make sure you have the proper equipment. This includes:
- Scissors – to cut the stems;
- Small knife – to remove thorns;
- Clean vase - to arrange your flowers into;
- Flower food - to ensure the longevity of the flowers.

2.    Pour water into a clean vase

First, you will need to find a clean vase and fill it with fresh water. Even after the flowers are cut for a bouquet, they still need water in order to stay alive. Don’t forget to use fresh water at room temperature. Add flower food to the water if you want to ensure the beauty and freshness of the flowers for much longer.

3.    Prepare the flowers

It is essential to prepare the flowers properly before adding them to the vase. To do that, you need to remove the leaves which are most likely to fall below the waterline. This way you will prevent any bacteria in the vase and ensure that the flowers stay fresh and vibrant for longer. If you are using roses, gently remove their thorns.

4.    Start arranging the flowers

Choose flowers that look lovely when combined together. In the video below our florists have selected pink sweet peas and combined them with pink lush roses. It is always a good idea to use smaller flowers to create the shape of your arrangement and then add some more impressive flowers as a centerpiece. Decorate with greenery (or tiny apple branches in our case) to add the finishing touch of the floral display.

5.     Cut the stems

Cut the stems of the flowers at an angle. This is necessary for their proper water uptake. The easier the flowers drink the water they need, the longer you can enjoy them.

6.    Place the flowers in the vase and put finishing touches

After placing the bouquet in a vase, add more flowers if needed to make it look even more glamorous. And when you are done…..VOILA! You have arranged your bouquet and we are pretty sure it looks awesome!