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A Man's Guide to Buying Flowers
Tuesday, 25th Oct 2016

Often men need a little help when it comes to buying flowers. Here’s why we’ve created this brief list of beautiful flowers, which will help make your life easier.  Figuring out what type of flowers to buy, which colours to choose, or selecting the size of the bouquet, can be a difficult task. All of these depend on the special person you are buying for. Here are some tips to consider:

Who are you buying flowers for?

The person you intend on giving the flowers to will have a great impact on the flowers you choose. Consider who you are giving them to and look at the meanings of the flowers in the bouquet. Knowing what the recipient’s favourite flower is, what colours they like, if they have any particular dislikes or allergies, will be helpful in making the right selection.

What occasion are you buying the flowers for?

           • Birthdays
           • Anniversaries
           • Mother’s Day
           • Valentine’s Day
           • Thank You Gift
           • Congratulations Gift
           • A way of apology
           • A surprise… just because gift

The choice of flowers should reflect the occasion you are buying them for; for example, roses are the symbol of romance and therefore are ideal as Valentine’s or anniversary presents.

What colours should you choose?

Colour rich bouquets can equate to cheerfulness or celebrations, making them suitable for: Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Thank You’s, Congratulatory occasions, and... of course surprises!
Apology and sympathetic flowers should be white, light purple or blue.
Keeping to these simple tips, and you will be sure to select the perfect flower bouquet.

With Handy Flowers, flower gifting is easy as 1, 2, 3!

and don’t forget ....Flowers are always a good idea!