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4 Ways to Add a Floral Touch to your Christmas Table
Wednesday, 12th Dec 2018

How to Enjoy the Wonders of Nature in Your Own Home

Christmas and winter, in general, is a wonderful time of year. Spending time with loved ones, eating and drinking far too much, and generally having a jolly old time are all things to look forward to. But one thing we often miss out on during the festive period is time outside - with the colder weather and risk of germs, most of us avoid the outside as much as we can.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wonders of nature in your own home. You can have flowers delivered to your home and make the most of the gorgeous flowers we get in the winter. Plus many traditional Christmas celebrations used flowers and plants as an important part of the ceremonies, so you can enjoy a bit of history as the same time. Below we look at four simple ways you can get more flowers into your Christmas table.

• Traditional centrepiece

A lot of families will enjoy large gatherings over the festive period, and there’s nothing quite like having a gorgeous centrepiece in the middle of the table to really mark the occasion. And the great thing about this option is that there are so many ways to make it happen. You can create your own, or organise a flower delivery from a professional florist.

Many even offer same day flower delivery so you could get your perfect centrepiece flowers delivered in no time. Which means you can enjoy flowers without the stress. There are loads of options too when it comes to design. You can get centrepieces with traditional flowers like holly, or have something unique designed, and they can be pretty much any size, so no matter how big or small your dinner table, there’s always an option.

• Candlestick garlands

If a centrepiece isn’t quite your thing, or wouldn’t suit your theme, you could consider candlestick garlands as a more subtle alternative. It’s a simple wreath of flowers that can go around a candlestick to add a warm floral, festive feel to proceedings.It’s a really nice touch if you like candles as part of your dinner table layout. And again you can often find ideas online if you’d like to make your own, or many flower shops will have a range of designs to choose from so you can make it really personal to your taste.

• Flower keepsakes

Only got room on the table for your food and crackers over Christmas and no room for candles and centrepieces? We totally understand. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fit some beautiful flowers in somewhere in the celebration. So why not create floral keepsakes for your guests. These could be buttonholes for the men and corsages for the ladies. Or you could create floral headbands for everyone to wear instead - after all no one really likes wearing those paper hats anyway, do they?

• Mini Christmas tree

If you’re looking to include something a bit more traditional on your dinner table, then why not opt for a mini Christmas tree instead of ordering other flowers by post. You’d be amazed at just how small a tree you can find if you shop around. Or if you like the quirky things in life, you could even substitute a tree for a mini cactus or something similar and dress it up in Christmas decorations. It’s your Christmas dinner, after all, we say do what makes you happy - even if it is a cactus wearing a mini Santa hat.