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Did You Know These Flowers Had Added Healing Properties?
Wednesday, 26th Oct 2016

    It might sound quite surprising to you, but some flowers have added healing qualities that can be quite beneficial. Below, we have listed three common flowers which are packed with natural remedies to common mental and physical illnesses.


    Hawthorn, and most importantly, the berry it produces, is bursting with antioxidants, and is a flower popularly used as a natural remedy for many heart and cardiovascular problems including angina. Hawthorn is available in liquid or tablet form, created from the flower’s berries. It is said to alleviate symptoms of mild heart problems, although a medical consultation is advised.
It is also known to improve issues of anxiety, and has been used in many anti-depression remedies due to its calming qualities. Hawthorn is a popular remedy for indigestion too. You can use the berries and leaves of Hawthorn, infused in boiling water. This bitter tea is a calming drink with added benefits for the whole body.


    Dried chamomile has been widely used as a fantastic remedy to a whole host of common ailments. The most popular choice is to take it as a tea. Despite it being a calming and soothing tea with delicate floral notes, it is bursting with properties perfect for improving stomach issues, stress and fevers, as well as being the perfect bedtime cuppa for a refreshingly deep sleep.
    Chamomile has countless benefits, uses and is available in countless forms. It can be used in its natural form on the skin as an anti-inflammatory or treatment for many skin issues, whereas it could also be used as a vapour to treat chest problems and asthma. It is often used in creams and lotions as a skin-calming quality and is a great, natural flower to soothe sensitive skin.
    Chamomile also has anti-bacterial qualities which can aid oral health, including aiding the healing process of mouth ulcers, sores and prevention of gum disease.

Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera is perhaps one of the most popular floral remedies, and if it is not already in your home in one of its many forms, it should be. An excellent skin treatment, it is commonly used in after sun lotions, face wash, moisturisers and shampoo, as well as added to certain brands of water for a delicately flavoured, boosting drink. It is the perfect addition to soothe irritated or damaged skin, and its natural elements can benefit the healing process.
    For vegetarians it is bursting with B12, and is the only veggie-friendly option to replace this vital vitamin lost in a meat-free diet. It can also be used as a refreshing detox supplement when the liquid is digested, clearing the stomach for a re-energised and refreshed internal system. The properties of Aloe Vera have been linked to improving the symptoms of countless physical ailments and illnesses.
    Just a few drops are all you need, and it’s great to have at hand for a whole host of DIY and at-home remedies. It can be used as a gel on skin, as well as being added to natural shampoos and skin care to compliment your daily routine. Aloe Vera is a highly versatile and beneficial plant, with countless uses and healing properties.

These are just three of the common flowers that have impressive healing properties and health benefits. There are many more you can incorporate in your daily diet or beauty routine for a healthier lifestyle.