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Flowers to Avoid for a Summer Wedding
Monday, 27th May 2019

Flowers to Avoid for a Summer Wedding

Bridal BouquetsOne thing that any florist will tell you is that it is important to select the right flowers for your wedding to avoid clutching a wilting bouquet on your big day. As soon as flowers are plucked and cut they begin to lose the vibrancy they once had, and although there are many things florists, or even you, can do to prolong the aesthetics, some flowers are more likely to wilt in the summer heat than others. Discover which blooms to avoid for your summer wedding and how to ensure your bouquets and centrepieces look as fabulous as possible for as long as possible.

Save the Hydrangeas for the Tables

Hydrangeas are stunning flowers and they feature in many modern weddings. However, this flower’s petals dislike direct sunlight and heat which means that in a bouquet it can quickly begin to wilt. If you simply must have these gorgeous flowers as a feature on your wedding day, choose to have them as table centrepieces and in water so they last longer. Do not be tempted to have hydrangeas in the bouquets. Should you be creating the arrangements yourself, do consider having the flowers delivered via same day flower delivery or next day flower delivery from trusted flower shops to ensure they are as fresh as possible when they arrive.

Order Wedding FlowersBye Bye Bulbs!

Flowers from bulbs, such as daffodils can wilt easily as their stems do not retain water efficiently. You may be able to ask the flower shop to place daffodils in the centre of a bouquet so they are tightly packed and won’t wilt, but refrain from using them on their own for bouquets or displays. Potted table centrepieces however could be a quirky idea that allows you to use bulb flowers. Also, it is worth noting that some daffodils can cause skin irritation so do investigate whether you could suffer a rash from these bright flowers before including them in your wedding.

Calla Lilies

Although these beautiful flowers are fragrant and stunning, they could actually prove fatal to some of your wedding guests! This flower is poisonous when ingested and therefore needs to be kept out of the way of children and animals. Should you intend to have toddlers and pets included in your special day, reconsider the use of these lilies as you will be spending a lot of your day preventing them being eaten.

Wedding Table DecorationChrysanthemums

These larger than life flowers are fun but can also play havoc with hay fever. Being particularly abundant in pollen, this flower could cause guests to say “Ah-choo” long before you say “I do” and so be avoided as an indoor accessory.

Choose Local Flower Delivery

As mentioned before, cut flowers do not last that long so buy local flowers and opt for swift flowers by post. Reputable companies that provide this service ensure the flowers are packaged carefully and delivered as soon as possible to the local venue of your choosing so they are fresh on arrival.