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Etiquette Tips for Sending Christening Flowers
Tuesday, 25th Jun 2019

Etiquette Tips for Sending Christening Flowers

Cristening Flower DeliveryA Christening is a wonderful occasion that celebrates a new baby being welcomed into the Church. For non-Christians, or those that have never attended a Christening, it can be a little daunting deciding what kind of flowers to send to the parents and where and how to send them. We have all the answers you need regarding etiquette for sending Christening flowers so read on to find out more.

What Kind of Flowers is Suitable for a Christening?

Much like new baby flowers, pastels and pale shades are popular when choosing Christening flowers. A Christening is all about new beginnings and celebrating the innocence of a new born baby and white flowers really reflect this sentiment. Inject a little colour into the bouquet arrangement by including pinks or blue flowers nestled among white blooms or send a pure white bouquet of roses for an elegant gift.

Where Do I Have the Flowers Delivered?

It is best not to have flowers delivered to the Church and you may wish to send the flowers in advance of the ceremony by same day or next day flower delivery to ensure they arrive in time. Gifting the flowers in person can make it tricky for the parents or guardians of the child to take the bouquets home after the ceremony and it is therefore considerate to opt for flower delivery to the parents’ home. If you are sending flowers as a thank you gift after the day, save money by sending flowers by post rather than having them delivered via a courier.

Christening Flowers for Godparents

God parents serve an important purpose in the ceremony and for the duration of the child’s life and are seen as role models for years to come. It is an honour to be chosen to be a child’s God Parent and as the mother or father of the child you may want to show your appreciation of each God Parent by giving them a bouquet. This can be done at the party after the ceremony or via delivery direct from the florist to their home after the day.

Table Centrepieces

Send Christening Flowers OnlineAlthough Christenings were once small gathering of a few friends and family, they are now a grander affair, with some Christening celebrations rivalling the most elegant of weddings! If you are planning to have a party after the ceremony, you may wish to send Christening flowers to the venue in advance to be used as table centre pieces or to be dotted around the room. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend too much money on florists that will create the floral décor for you, have large bouquets delivered to your home from an affordable online flower delivery company so you can make smaller arrangements yourself.

Choose the Flowers Carefully

Unbeknownst to many people, certain flowers can pose a threat to childrn’s health. Even a flower as seemingly innocent as the daffodil can be poisonous when ingested and so think carefully about which flowers you want to include in your bouquet as although it is usually babies that are Christened, toddlers and older children can also celebrate this occasion and may be curious enough about flowers to try to pop a few petals in their mouths! If you are unsure as to which flowers are safe for children, ask your local florist or enquire via the customer services department of your online flower shop.