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Engagement flowers - what you need to know
Thursday, 21st Feb 2019

Such a special occasion as the announcement of an engagement deserves to be celebrated by friends and family alike. Whether you are the soon-to-be spouse, friend, or relation of the recently engaged, flowers make the perfect gift. You may want to show your partner that you are thrilled they accepted your proposal, or perhaps you want to send a floral gesture to a family member or colleague to share in their delightful news. However you and the newly engaged are related, knowing which flowers to send and in what way to do so is essential before you select the bouquet. Read on to discover all you need to know about engagement flowers and how to present them.

They said yes!

Now the nerve-wracking part is over, and they have said yes, why not show your husband or wife-to-be just how thrilled you are? Have flowers delivered to their home address or workplace and go full on romantic with romance flowers for every room in the house. Forgo the usual flower shops and opt for an online florist that can provide your beloved with the best flowers. However, remember you do have a wedding to plan and so if you need to save the peonnies for the big day, opt for cheap flowers from the most reputable florists so they still look expensive and are of a high quality. Now is the time to be extremely thoughtful, so look into the meaning behind the flowers you choose and select them carefully. Red roses are the traditional romantic choice, but if your other half has a favourite flower, they would certainly appreciate you gifting them with those instead. If you remember gifting them with flowers that they adored previously include these in your engagement celebration bouquet.

Your best friend’s wedding

Flowers for your newly engaged best friend are a must and if your bff

has just announced they are getting hitched, sending flowers by post is

a great way to show how excited you are. Flower delivery via mail is a

fantastic solution when you can’t be there in person, and if you opt for

next day flower delivery or same day flower delivery you can initiate the

celebrations almost immediately. Yet, if you are able, visit your friend in

person, preferably with a bottle of their favourite tipple in addition to the

flowers, and celebrate their impending nuptials in style.

It’s a work thing

When a work colleague announces they have just become engaged,

it is good manners to send them flowers. Rather than purchase a selection

of individual flowers, organise a group collection and buy an impressive bouquet

from the entire work place. If the engaged couple both work at your place, or you

are also friends rather than just work colleagues, then accompany the flowers with

gifts, perhaps vouchers for homeware, or even cash to put towards the big day.

It’s all relative

Should it be a relative that is getting married, show them how happy you are for

 them by having flowers delivered to their home. This kind gesture will be much

appreciated, much more than a simple ‘phone call or email. Sending flowers is also

a fantastic way to reconnect with relatives you have not seen in a while. Do not

worry that this may be seen as a way to ensure your name on the wedding guestlis

t (unless this is your intention!) as newly engaged couples are sure to enjoy including

everyone in their engagement celebrations and will be delighted you have been so

thoughtful as to send flowers.