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Creative DIY Summer Floral Arrangements
Monday, 8th Jul 2019

Summer Flowers Delivered

How to Arrange Flowers

With the sun finally paying some overdue attention to the British Isles, flowers are in full bloom just waiting to adorn homes across the land. Even if your garden isn’t filled with fragrant blooms, or you don’t have a garden, opting for flower delivery from your favourite florist can soon have your home brimming with the colours and aroma of the Great British summer. Learn how to use summer flowers to create arrangements as table centrepieces and for gifts with our guide to creative DIY summer floral arrangements.

Put them in a Basket

Arranging flowers in a basket is a beautiful gift idea and you can get everything you need from your own garden and from florists. Ideally, you will use a basket you already have in your home. This could even be a hamper basket that you were once given as a gift or a picnic basket that is a little worse for wear. Upcycling in this way prevents waste and saves money. You may want to use soil and bulbs, or wet floral foam and fresh flowers, depending on the look you prefer.

Using Bulbs

If using bulbs such as daffodils, line the basket first with a coconut liner that has been soaked in water rather than a plastic liner, then cover with a layer of compost and soil deep enough to plant the bulbs. These materials should be available at your local flower shop or garden center. Some cheaper local shops also sell these products so have a shop around if you want to save money.

Fresh Flowers

When using picked flowers, or if you have chosen to have fresh flowers delivered to your home to use, use wet floral foam to prolong the appearance of the flowers. The foam can be cut into shape to fit your basket, and you can also buy the foam in shapes such as rings. Soak the foam in a bucket until the foam sinks to the bottom and then place it into your lined basket. Select three or four types of vibrant flowers and arrange them in your basket.

Summer Wreaths for Doors and Tables

Summer Flower Bouquets Online

Wreaths are usually displayed on doors at Christmas, but contemporary tastes are now encouraging homeowners to hang wreaths on their doors to signify all the seasons and celebrations. For example, autumnal wreaths have been making appearances on front doors throughout the land, and it is only a matter of time before we begin to see cheery summer flowers arranged in a ring on the doors too. You could well be a trendsetter with this idea, as a summer floral wreath will brighten up any front door and neighbours will certainly want to follow suit. Wet foam rings are perfect for this floral arrangement idea so take a look in local flower shops for larger green foam ring wreaths you can use to perfect the design. These wreath rings have been created using green foam and a hard, plastic back to maintain the shape. A wreath bursting with blossoms can have a sensational impact, or you can choose to include other foliage and even fruit into the wreath. Feel free to experiment with assorted flowers.

Wreaths as Table Centrepieces

These wreaths also make excellent centrepieces for dinner parties and get-togethers, so aim for same-day flower delivery or next-day flower delivery so your flowers are as fresh as possible when you arrange them and present them at your party. If you want to save money, opt for flowers by post as the flowers remain fresh during delivery but can cost less than having them hand-delivered.