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How To Take Care Of Your Plants In Winter
Tuesday, 15th Nov 2016

For all of you passionate gardeners out there winter is probably one of the most unpleasant seasons of the year. The weather is getting worse, the daylight is reduced and the temperatures are going down. All of these changes are making looking after your plants extremely difficult. Your favourite plants need special attention and care so that they can survive the cold winter months. Here you can find the most essential things that you need to do in order to keep your blooms in shape during winter so that they can survive the harsh conditions and thrive glamorously in the next spring.

1. Bring All Potted Plants Indoors

    This way you will save them from the cold temperatures. Plants can make the perfect decoration for any room so you shouldn’t have troubles with finding the best place for them. They will make your house fresher and more attractive. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a bright and cozy atmosphere at home that will certainly make you feel more comfortable! Place potted plants next to a bright window as they will need as much sunlight as possible.

2. Mist And Wipe The Plants

    You probably have lots of tropical plants that grow best in humid conditions. Keep in mind that the air in winter is extremely dry which may be very harmful to this kind of plants. That is why it is a good idea to spray them with a light mist at least once a day.
    Keeping your plants clean during winter is also essential if you want to preserve them fresh and healthy. Remove all of the accumulated dust and debris so that your flowers can breathe. A quick wipe can keep them clean, healthy and good-looking.

3. Be Careful With Overwatering

    During winter most of the plants don’t need as much watering as they do in spring, summer and autumn. That is why watering should be significantly reduced. The best thing you can do is check the soil first so that you are completely sure it is really dry.

4. Cover The Plants Outdoors

7    After you’ve brought all of the potted plants indoors, it is time to take good care of the ones that have to stay outdoors. The first thing you can do is make a safe shelter that will protect the plants from the cold. You can use old blankets to cover the most fragile plants in your garden. Make sure the blankets are not touching the leaves of the plants so that they won’t damage them.
    Blankets are helpful when it comes to protecting the plants from the frost. However, they are not enough to save the plants from the extremely low temperatures. If you want to secure your plants better, you will need to build a greenhouse or a cold frame which will trap the heat and keep the frost away.

    Winter is undoubtedly one of the most exciting seasons because of the great holidays that are able to lighten up anyone’s mood. Don’t forget to take care of your favourite plants so that they can remain fresh, healthy and beautiful! Winter also gives you a perfect opportunity to wish someone “Merry Christmas” with a specially made Christmas bouquet made from roses, carnations, chrysanthemums or other beautiful flowers such as our Snow White or Winter Beauty! Let the Christmas spirit in your home and don’t forget that flowers make a perfect festive decoration for your celebration!