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The Most Famous British Royal Wedding Traditions
Thursday, 17th May 2018

British Royal Wedding Tradition You Need to Know

Inspired by the upcoming royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we decided to “dive” into the vast world of age-old traditions and royal marriage protocol that need to be followed on that special day. Along with the elegance and glamour of the event, there are many interesting formalities that people all around the world can’t wait to observe on May 19, 2018. Here are some of the most popular royal marriage traditions that set apart the royal wedding from any other and add a truly formal feeling to an already exquisite event.

1.    Sprig of myrtle in the bridal bouquet

Of course, we want to start with the wedding flowers! Looking back at the bridal bouquets of Duchess Kate, Princess Diana and the Queen, you will notice that each of them included a sprig of myrtle along with the other flowers. The origin of this tradition goes back to Queen Victoria. She was given a myrtle plant by the German grandmother of Prince Albert. Queen Victoria brought the plant back to the UK and planted it in her garden. Since then, the royal brides would add a sprig of this centuries-old myrtle plant in their wedding bouquet for good fortune. Foxgloves, white garden roses and peonies will be the flowers included in the bridal bouquet of Meghan Marke, so let’s hope there would be a sprig of myrtle too!

2.    The royal groom wears a military uniform

This is a tradition that dates back to Prince Albert – the husband of Queen Victoria. At some point, all royal men serve the army so the groom wears his military uniform along with his medals at the royal wedding.

3.    Beautiful tiara to complete the bridal look

The graceful bridal look is complemented by a beautiful tiara. This sparkling royal headpiece is the finishing touch to the elegant bridal look. People all around the world guess whether Meghan Marke would choose from the family heirlooms or go for a bespoke piece created just for her.

4.    Placing the bridal bouquet at the tomb of the Unknown Warrior

The Queen Mother laid her bridal bouquet at the tomb of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey in 1923. She wanted to honour her brother who died in World War l, but she started a touching tradition as well for all future royal brides.

5.    Formal wedding portrait

One of the most important photos taken on the wedding day is that of the newlyweds’ families and wedding party. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have chosen a well-known portrait photographer to capture the special moments of their wedding – Alexi Lubomirski.

6.    The traditional cake served at the wedding is a fruitcake

Fruitcake is the preferred cake for the royal weddings. However, Harry and Meghan will put their very own twist by selecting a lemon elderflower cake which will be covered in buttercream. Sounds delicious, right?

7.    Appearance at the Buckingham Palace

The newlywed royal couple is making a formal appearance at the balcony of the Buckingham Palace. They wave at the crowd and might share a public kiss. We can’t wait for this sweet moment as well!

We have no doubt that the royal wedding will be one of the most impressive events this year that people will talk about for months! Let’s see how many of these royal wedding traditions will be followed and whether new ones will be started!