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History of Valentine's Day: The origin of sending flowers

Monday, 5th Feb 2018

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Find out what is the interesting story behind the most romantic holiday as well as why flowers play such an important part in celebrating it.

Global Trends: Celebrate Colour of the Year 2018

Friday, 26th Jan 2018

We already know which is going to be the hit colour this year! Find out what is the meaning behind it as well as which flowers in this shade would be the most popular in 2018!

Feng Shui Flowers: How to attract love, wealth and prosperity in your life with the help of flowers

Thursday, 18th Jan 2018

We are excited to share how to use the flower power to attract health, growth and prosperity into your life!

Invite Spring Into Your Home With a Bunch of Spring Blooms

Thursday, 11th Jan 2018

Welcome the brightest seasons of all earlier this year with a fresh bunch of spring flowers! Here are our top 3 favourites.

The Most Popular New Year's Resolutions and How to Achieve Them

Friday, 5th Jan 2018

Happy New Year! Take a look at the most popular New Year's Resolutions people made this year as well as some tips to help you achieve your goals and be happy!

The Story Behind The Most Popular Christmas Traditions

Friday, 15th Dec 2017

Learn more about the story behind your favorite Christmas traditions and set yourself in the mood of the season's festivities!

Incorporating Flowers Into Your Christmas Decoration

Thursday, 30th Nov 2017

We've got the best ideas for incorporating fresh and beautiful flowers into your festive Christmas decoration!

How to Choose the Best Christmas Tree

Thursday, 23rd Nov 2017

Get a few simple tips on how to choose the best Christmas tree for your home as well as tricks to make it last all season long.

Best Fragrant Flowers to Send as a Holiday Gift

Thursday, 16th Nov 2017

Find out which are the top 4 best fragrant flowers that no recipient could ever resist!

Winter Wedding Trends for 2017

Thursday, 9th Nov 2017

Take a look at 5 of the top winter wedding trends this year and turn your big day into a true winter fairy tale!

Best Tips to Make Your Fresh Flowers Last Longer

Friday, 3rd Nov 2017

Knowing how to take the right care of the flowers that you've just received is key to keeping them fresh and vibrant for longer. Here are some tricks that will help you preserve their natural beauty for as long as possible.

Celebrating Day of the Dead

Thursday, 26th Oct 2017

Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) is celebrated on 1st and 2nd November. Find out more about the meaning and traditional symbols of the holiday.

Fun Family Traditions to Enjoy on Halloween

Wednesday, 18th Oct 2017

Find the inspiration you need to turn this Halloween into the most amusing and interesting holiday for your whole family!

How flowers can instantly boost your mood

Friday, 13th Oct 2017

Find out how flowers can lift your spirit and fill your heart with joy and happiness. 4 proven facts to explain the effect flowers have on our emotional health.

Celebrate wisdom, unconditional love and care on Grandparents Day

Thursday, 21st Sep 2017

Caring, loving, supportive, amusing and wise - for everything they are, wish them a Happy Grandparents Day!

The History of Giving Flowers

Wednesday, 13th Sep 2017

Have you ever wondered how the tradition of giving flowers has started? What was the earliest evidence of exchanging flowers? How important is the symbolic meaning that each flower conveys? Find out all of the answers here!


Thursday, 7th Sep 2017

Bring inspiration, beauty and cheer on the table with a glamorous arrangement of fresh sunflowers! Find out everything about these spectacular flowers here.

Fun Ideas for Your Bank Holiday Getaway

Thursday, 24th Aug 2017

Take a look at some great ideas for your bank holiday getaway in August. Four cool ways to spend more time with your family and enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

Which Flower Are You? (According to Your Astrology Sign)

Friday, 4th Aug 2017

Find out which flower are you according to your astrology sign and learn how to always send the most appealing flowers for anyone's taste!

4 Themes for the Best Summer Party

Friday, 28th Jul 2017

Fun and unique party theme ideas just a click away! Get the inspiration you need and become the host of the most creative party this year!

DIY Ideas for Your Flower Garden

Thursday, 20th Jul 2017

Even if you are not the most passionate gardener out there, we are pretty sure you will fall in love with some of these creative DIY ideas for making any flower garden truly impressive.

DIY Summer Beauty Products Using Flowers

Friday, 7th Jul 2017

This summer take care of your skin with the easiest DIY beautifying techniques using your favourite flowers.

How to Throw the Perfect Garden Party

Wednesday, 28th Jun 2017

Summer is the best season to throw relaxing and fun garden parties! Find a few tips on how to create a really comforting and welcoming setting for your party here.

Happy Father's Day!

Friday, 16th Jun 2017

What better way to thank your dad for all the unconditional love, care and support than turning Father's Day into a very exciting and enjoyable day for him. Get a few creative ideas on how to do that in this article.

Tricks for Taking Flower Photos Like a Professional Photographer

Thursday, 25th May 2017

Find a few simple tips to improve your skills at taking photos like a professional photographer!

5 Trending Wedding Flower Themes in 2017

Wednesday, 10th May 2017

We have selected 5 of the most popular wedding flower themes that every bride-to-be will certainly love!

Top 5 Easter Holiday Activities in the UK

Friday, 7th Apr 2017

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Easter? Look no further - we've selected 5 great ideas for an extremely entertaining way to spend the holiday!

DIY Flower Arrangements: The Ultimate Guide to Professionally Designed Floral Displays

Wednesday, 29th Mar 2017

Our florists reveal the secret of arranging magnificent floral arrangements. Here is a quick guide to show you the basic steps of preparing and arranging flowers.

5 Ways To Spoil Your Mum on Mother's Day

Thursday, 16th Mar 2017

Looking for the best way to make your mum the happiest woman on Earth this Mother's Day? Here are 5 great ways to make her special day even more amazing!

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day 2017

Thursday, 2nd Mar 2017

Find out the best gift ideas to make Mother's Day much more exciting for the most special woman in your life!

Celebrating the British Fashion at LFW 2017

Wednesday, 22nd Feb 2017

Step into the magical world of fashion and learn more about one of the most glamorous events in UK this year - London Fashion Week 2017.

7 Signs That You Are Perfect for Each Other

Friday, 10th Feb 2017

Looking for some signs to show you whether you are made for each other? Take a look in our short list to find all the answers!

Alternatives to Roses on Valentine's Day

Thursday, 26th Jan 2017

Do you think roses are the only option you have when choosing the best flowers for your special someone on Valentine's Day? We have news for you - there are plenty of other beautiful and romantic flowers to go for. Check them out here!

Roses and the Meaning of Their Colours

Thursday, 19th Jan 2017

Find out more about the secret colour language of one of the most divine flowers. Whether you want to say “Thank you”, “I love you” or just “Thinking of you”, you can always count on roses to convey your message with style.

How to get into the spirit of Christmas

Wednesday, 14th Dec 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's the happiest season of all! Here are the best ways to get into the spirit of one of the most magical holidays!

Christmas floral arrangements for your home and office

Wednesday, 21st Dec 2016

Christmas is that time of the year when people truly believe in magic and enjoy decorating their homes in a way that will bring the Christmas spirit in. Here are some wonderful ideas how to decorate your home in a festive way using your favourite flowers.

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