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DIY Summer Beauty Products Using Flowers
Friday, 7th Jul 2017

Summer is undoubtedly one of the best seasons. Sun-kissed skin, summer vacations, cold cocktails, wonderful flowers, cheerful mood - all thanks to the long and sunny summer days. You might be surprised to find out how beneficial flowers can be to your skin especially in the hot summer weather.  Natural remedies are extremely gentle and help skin restore quickly and easily from the hot summer rays. Flowers are not only sweet smelling but also contain lots of beneficial qualities to improve the skin. That is why they make the perfect beauty products to use this season. Here we’ve selected 3 of the most beneficial flowers to include in your everyday beauty routine and help your skin look brighter and healthier.

1.Rose water

The most recognizable symbol of love and romance is also a great remedy that contains some amazing qualities which are perfect for almost any skin type. It helps skin get rid of oils and dirt. Because of its antiseptic qualities, it is widely used as an acne treatment product. Rose water makes the skin soft and looking deeply refreshed. There are lots of ways to prepare this natural remedy at home. They are all simple and don’t include harsh or expensive products. One of the fastest ways to prepare is to simmer rose petals in distilled water at a very low heat. Let the liquid cool down, discard the petals and your beauty care product is ready to be used.

2.Chamomile facial steam

Steaming the face has proved to have a significant beneficial effect on the skin. It helps clear the pores, improves the circulation, softens the skin and adds a healthy glow. Adding chamomile to your facial steam routine is an easy way to sooth the skin. Moreover, chamomile is known for being a remedy that is widely used to calm and relax the mind. All you need to do is boil water, add the chamomile and lean over the mixture so that the steam can do its magic.

3.Marigold (calendula) ointment

Marigold is another flower that is widely used in homemade skin care products. This beautiful flower includes natural antiseptic properties, reduces inflammations, helps in healing burns and rashes. You can simply dry the marigold flowers and grind them into a virgin coconut oil. When the mixture is ready, heat it lightly and let it cool before applying it to the skin.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the sun and have fun. However, don’t forget to treat your sun-kissed skin with care and respect by applying less harmful beauty products on it. We hope that these 3 ideas of natural beauty hacks will inspire you to prepare the best natural remedies for your skin care routine.

Enjoy having healthy and beautiful skin this season!