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Alternatives to Roses on Valentine's Day
Thursday, 26th Jan 2017

    When thinking of flowers that represent love and romance, a huge bouquet of  passionate red roses is probably the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind as roses are considered to be a symbol of sincere love, passion and devotion.
    For those of you who want to avoid the clichés on this Valentine’s Day, we’ve selected the best alternatives to roses that will help you express your feelings in a way that will make a great impression as well.


Did you know that the tulip has become a symbol of enduring, passionate love? These beautiful, fresh and graceful flowers can be simply arranged by themselves or in a combination with bright yellow daffodils to create a bouquet that brings freshness, charm and fragrance to the person they are given to.


Because of their extremely elegant look, lilies are another alternative to roses on Valentine’s Day. Their irresistible delicateness and beauty are guaranteed to melt any woman’s heart on this special day!


A bunch of these sunny gems will make a perfect surprise gift that she will certainly adore. Sunflowers not only have the power to brighten the mood but also symbolize loyalty and a feeling of admiration.


The glamorous orchid flower is another symbol of love that is definitely going to make a lasting impression. It is one of the most regal flowers that represent grace, luxury and beauty.

    As you can see, there are many options to choose from when buying flowers for your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Go with your heart and choose the most amazing bouquet to make her day even more uniqie!