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4 Stunning Summer Flowers That Will Brighten Up Your Home
Wednesday, 8th May 2019

Summer Flower Deliveryi in London4 Stunning Summer Flowers That Will Brighten Up Your Home

When the flowers begin to bloom outside, there is nothing like using them to make your home blooming marvellous on the inside! Be inspired by nature’s decor and choose beautiful summer flowers to adorn your dining table, side tables, windowsills and bedside drawers with this pick of 4 stunning summer flowers that will brighten up your home in an instant.


Of course! The cheery facade of a vibrant sunflower will brighten any room and with the warm weather and sunny skies, summer is the perfect time for sunflowers to bloom. This playful plant can grow to vertiginous heights when potted outside in the sunshine and can be snipped to be placed centre-stage on the dining table or can be used to cheer-up a plain guest room whenever friends or relatives come over to stay during the summer holidays. These statement flowers are large and so only a few are required to fill a vase and to add a floral ray of sunshine to your home. You can grow your own, or you can head to your local flower shops in search of these summer giants. If you are stuck for ideas on how to make the most of sunflowers, your florist should be able to give you a few pointers, but it is difficult to go wrong with these blooms as their presence is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.


Buy Flowers OnlineThese diminutive blooms provide a beautiful pop of blue and can be used alone or alongside white flowers for a fresh, summer look. To think that this flower was once considered a weed as it grew among corn and wheat fields is unbelievable now as we embrace its beautiful azure hue. The fact it grew among cornflowers however is how this pretty flower got its name. The Centaurea cyanus, to give it its official name, is not only known as the cornflower but also as bachelor’s button and is native to Europe. Cornflowers are perfect if you are thinking for flower delivery and can be safely packaged and posted to homes that don’t grow their own but want to brighten up their home with a cornflower bouquet.

Sweet Peas

With colourful, fragrant petals that look like ruffled petticoats, sweet peas bring many dimensions to the table – literally! Allow the perfume of these deliciously scented blooms permeate your home and appreciate the subtle, yet eye-catching colours of their undulating petals. If you are having them delivered from your local flower shop or online, aim for same day flower delivery or next day flower delivery as these flowers like to be kept cool. Sweet peas look great when divided into several small clear vases, or jam jars, and distributed around your home wherever you feel a space needs brightening.


The gold petals of this flower would make you believe they have actually been Summer Flower Arrangementsbathed in golden sunshine. Marigolds are a very classical flower and do well in homes that boast more conservative styles. Have these flowers delivered when you are planning a formal dining experience, or even when you are having older relatives to stay as they are certain to appreciate these traditional blooms. Marigolds look sensational by themselves, or arranged with gypsophila, otherwise known as baby’s breath. Florists will easily create a beautiful arrangement using marigolds and gypsophila and these are also perfect for when you want flowers by post should you be unable to visit your local florist.

Choose to concentrate on one particular flower or accent each room with a different bouquet of flowers to give guests a floral surprise on entry.